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If you’re an engineer, you’ll probably have a collection of favorite Chrome extensions that you use every day. Extensions that make life easier make you more productive or do more important work than a dedicated tool. This list can be built on this collection. Since most of us use Chrome, it makes sense to consider Chrome extensions. Other browsers are available, but Chrome is used by 64.4% of Internet users. While not ideal for privacy, it certainly increases productivity.

An agency that provides the best website development services, all the developers that know about their list of Chrome Developer Extensions they regularly use or can recommend. Here’s a selection of the best Chrome developer extensions right now.

Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developers In 2022

Since the upgrade comes with a few special features, we’ve split our list into two. One section contains useful tools for web developers and a second for general Kinocki developers.

1.      Web Developer

Web Developer is the first extension on this list. This extension adds a toolbar to your browser with a full suite of web enhancement tools when installed. All of these tools help both developers and designers. The tools are divided into a total of 10 different tabs. Coming from PNH Developer Toolbar, developer Chris Patrick came up with the idea for this extension.

Web Developer chrome is a flexible extension that can be customized by developers according to their preferences.

2.      Page Ruler

Like size, a page ruler is also a tool for measuring objects on a page. And while Dimensions does a great job of estimating, it’s not as detailed as the layout. With this in mind, a page ruler can parse and analyze individual features and accurately gauge reading of their magnitude.

To use the tool, launch it, download it from the Chrome Web Store and place it in your chrome extension. Then click on the icons at the top right of our screen to use them. Then the page will blur, allowing you to draw a feature you want to measure. Once done, the tool will present the exact measurement of the object in the pop-up window.

3.      Whatfont

Whatfont is a great Chrome extension for web designers who need to figure out what fonts are on a website? It’s fast, efficient, and identifies individual fonts on a page in seconds. It also identifies family, height, weight, and color. 

Whatfont is perfect for web developers who like to collect interesting sample pages that they might want to emulate in the future. It’s small, doesn’t use a lot of resources, and is worth using. It hasn’t been updated for a long time, but it still works fine.

4.      Clockwork

Clockwork comes with a collection of PHP web development tools. This extension just uses part of the server-side, using it when collecting all the data. This data will be integrated into the PHP project. It can help with profiling and debugging PHP applications. Also, it will give you an overview of uptime, tracking, variable values, etc.

5.      Daily.Dev

While many Chrome developer extensions serve as production tools to make your job easier, Daily.Dev has taken a different approach. Sure, it won’t help you be productive, but at least it will make your life easier. As a news publisher, Daily.Dev collects all articles, news and blog posts, opinions, and advice from many sources that you can use.

If you are an engineer who wants to develop your career, this is an indispensable tool. Fortunately, Daily. Dev. is 100% open and confidential, which means you own and control the data.

6.      Colorzilla

Colorzilla chrome is a great extension that can get color readings in your web browser from anywhere. So, as a web developer, you can quickly adjust the selected color and paste it into your system as per your requirement. Comes with a final CSS gradient generator. Moreover, the tool has a palette viewer with 7 pre-installed palettes, which you can easily access.

7.      Window Resizer

Window Resizer is a wonderfully Chrome extension for web developers. Simple yet very effective, especially when working with responsive designs or applications. It is installed on Chrome and will change the size of any screen you are working on to a list of popular screen sizes.

Many standard formats are covered. Mobile, tablet, desktop, and the simulation seem very precise. The guys here use the Window Resizer very well and are very balanced.

8.      Ghost

Chrome is a good browser for many things, but privacy isn’t one of them. Ghostvery aims to help with that. This is a privacy extension designed to block disruptive ads, stop tracking, block data collection, and block all page features that hold you back. Although Ghosteerie doesn’t provide any useful web development tools, it keeps your browsing experience clean and makes everything faster.

9.      Clear cache

How many times have you changed the setting and wondered why the change was not showing on the screen? You are not alone, which is why Cache Cleaning is a useful extension for Chrome developers. Install the extension and select the recycle icon in your browser to clear the browser cache. There are no guarantees and no extra chat to manage. This tool just does what it’s supposed to do, and we can all move on.

10.  Full-screen screenshot

It is part of our job description as web developers to submit screenshots of our work to qualified people for testing. This add-on makes it easy to take screenshots. You don’t need any additional permission; you can take a clear screenshot of the current page using this plugin.


Here are some of the most useful Chrome extensions for web developers today. Use them to make your job easier and increase the efficiency of your workflow. There are tools for every useful tool for every type of engineer, and some are specialized for smaller niches.

I hope you’ll remove a few new developer tools from this article to make your life easier. Whether it’s for increased productivity, problem-solving, or process planning, there are tools here that do all of those things and more.

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