The technological advents have brought a lot of changes in the way of living. Today computers have made their way in every industry and every person’s life somehow. People are witnessing its intervention in their daily activities. The world is on the road of advancement because of the development of artificial intelligence or the progress in the automation. Behind this advancement and progress, is an important role played by the technology. And backing the wonders of technology, lies the programming languages.

All the programming languages have their own merits and de-merits that chooses which one is in-demand and which one is not. Different programming languages attract different developer’s interest. However, it is difficult for the people of this field to choose one programming language out of so many options as it involves their whole career.

Following are the ten best programming languages and framework to learn for the developers:


Python is one of the most user-friendly programming languages and often a popular choice for all the beginners. It is considered as a powerful programming language because of its strong features and clear syntax. It is an open-source programming language that emphasizes on the code readability.

It is highly preferable by the developers because it helps to improve a programmer’s productivity. Through Python, developers can scale even the most complex application without facing many difficulties.


It is a simple yet powerful language, that compromises of many libraries and compilers. People who know how to handle Python, Java can easily handle it. It offers a user variety of contexts to use, which is why it is mostly used in the development of games and mobile applications.


Java, which is one of the oldest and the most common programming languages is still used and valued today. Java, today is everywhere and is in strong demand by the developers. It has strong memory management and provides top-notch security to the programs.

Being present in more than 3 billion devices, Javas frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring and Struts have also become very popular.


Swift is a programming language developed by Apple, which was designed to write applications for IOS and Mac. Swift is a beginner-friendly and fun to use a programming language which is highly inspired by Python.

It has two frameworks known as Cocoa and Cocoa touch that revolves around the whole application development.


One of the building languages of the internet is JavaScript, it’s the most popular language among the web developers. JavaScript is a front-end language, which can be practised on both server-side and the client-side. Most of the tech and industry giants like Google or websites who give services of any sort, for instance, Essay writing service Canada based, rely on JvaScript to design interactive web pages.  


Scala was made in the attempts of rewriting Java and improving the drawbacks it had. It offers features like strig comparison and mixins that make Java more functional and increases its performance.


Developed in Japan, Ruby is a dynamic language which was made with the aim to make the programming fun. It has a simple syntax and results to be highly flexible for all the developers.


Developed by the Mozilla Corporation, promotes writing safe code and ensures the system doesn’t crash while the development procedure. It encourages speed and secure development.


Php is one of the top programming languages that have large source software community. It is a system with good automation tools available for the program development.


A very powerful query language, that is made fast for searching and the query of data. It’s optimised in a way for large numbers of table rows and is popular among people for its high availability.

Conclusion, This concludes to the 10 best programming languages that should be learned. It is important to choose the programming language that triggers the interest and is more feasible to learn. Each program has its pros but also has some cons too. By learning one or more of these languages, a person can be an expert in coding in the coming years.


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