10 Cool And Useful Gadgets That Every College Student Should Have

In 2022, your studies must be boring if you’re not using any study tools. You can write with something other than ballpoint pens and simple notebooks if you want to learn more and do better in class.

But it would help if you learn about many educational tools for students on the market now. These tools can save time, make studying much more fun, and help you get better grades.

I’ve put together a list of the 10 New and Best Study Gadgets I think every student should have. So, if you’re already looking for gadgets for students, you will love this guide and those gadgets.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

Even though smartphones are replacing point-and-shoot cameras, that doesn’t mean that printed photos are going away. With a photo printer like the HP Sprocket, you can turn the photos you take with your phone into glossy prints that you can hang in your dorm room or put on the fridge. HP’s Sprocket is small and light enough to throw in your bag. You can also peel off the back to make a sticker out of your photo.

Foldable Keyboard

Having a laptop with you might always be tricky if you have other things in your bag. What about a tiny keyboard you could hook to your phone or tablet? A foldable keyboard isn’t much bigger than a small notebook. Some can even be rolled. It usually works with USB or Bluetooth and has a battery.

Text-to-Speech Tool

Text-to-Speech, or TTC, is a program that reads digital texts out loud. This is ideal for reading breaks. This one doesn’t require a new gadget. The features are already available on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Smart Pen

When you write by hand, you remember things better. On the other hand, E-notes give you more chances to change and improve your writing. With a smart pen, you can digitally copy the notes you write on paper. There are several ways to save. Some smart pens can even record sound files if you get tired of writing.

When you buy a smart pen, you must also buy a special notebook and an app.

Smart Mug

Have you ever left your coffee or tea unattended, causing it to become stale and become undrinkable? A smart mug can adjust the beverage’s temperature based on the user’s preferences. The most crucial thing is that sure cups are leak-proof, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your laptop or other valuables if there’s a spill. Most of them have a battery life of approximately 8 hours and can be charged with a USB cord.

USB-powered clip-on fan

Most likely, your dorm room or student apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. You might not think about this until a hot summer day when you can’t escape the heat. With this smart USB clip-on fan, you’ll never be without a cool breeze. It’s even more remarkable because it saves energy and cares about the environment.

Charging Backpack 

When you’re far from home, nothing makes you worry more than a dying computer. With its cushioned charging station inside, a charging backpack removes the worry that a student’s smartphone or tablet will run out of power. A charging pack also has charge ports outside to share the benefit with others. Most charging backpacks also have features to protect against theft and keep water out.

Tile Mate Key Finder

The Tile Mate key finder will be an absolute godsend if you have ever misplaced anything, especially your keys, due to your tendency to be clumsy. If you lose your keys, use the Tile Mate app to find them by linking your keychain to them.The Tile Mate keyring will make a ringing sound when the app sends a signal to it from the app. This way, you won’t waste any time looking for your keys because you’ll be able to discover them quickly and effortlessly.


A must-have for all of you who like to read. It is an ebook reader made by Amazon Inc. that saves you the trouble and time of carrying real books. The Kindle ebook store sells the book’s ebook. With this ebook reader, you can carry heavy books everywhere. It’s still ongoing. It also has more memory built in. It now has 8GB of information. The Kindle’s battery can last for weeks without being charged.

Portable Phone Charger

Once upon a time, phone batteries would last for a whole day. Your portable phone charger will help you feel like you’re back in the old days. It’s scary to think our phones could die in the middle of the day. A student’s most essential item is a portable phone charger.


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