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When it comes to the exterior of your home, quality paint and roofing are essential components that can boost curb appeal and increase the value of your home, as well as protect your home from weather damage and other perils. If you’re considering updating or even adding new paint or roofing to your home, there are several good reasons to consider using an exterior painting contractor in Johns Creek GA from B&G Painting & Roofing instead of doing it yourself or hiring only one provider for all of your needs. Here are ten of them!

#1 Expertise

The most common misconception about a home painting project is that any amateur with a brush and roller can make it happen. While you might be able to slap on some paint, getting great results takes specialized skills. An interior painting contractor in Marietta GA has spent years mastering his craft, from figuring out how much paint he’ll need for each surface of your home to understanding how best to blend various colors of paint so they look seamless. He’s well-versed in all aspects of exterior painting, from exteriors that are brick or stone or stucco or wood—and everything in between. You’ll get better results if you hire a professional; trust us on that one!

#2 Experience

It’s a lot easier to get a job done correctly if you’ve done it before. And any decent contractor worth his salt will tell you that experience is crucial when dealing with all things related to construction. When it comes to painting or roofing, unless you have access to high-end training and specialized equipment, taking matters into your own hands isn’t an option. The cost of making mistakes when using professional painters or roofers is much lower than taking matters into your own hands without expertise. Even if you want to go DIY, bringing in contractors means paying them for their experience – which inevitably saves you money over time because they know how most efficiently complete each project task within a lower budget.

#3 Superior Products

When it comes to painting contractors, you do get what you pay for. If you settle for a cheap contractor that uses inferior products or hires a low-end company at low-end prices, you will wind up with a substandard paint job. We always use top-quality paints from top-quality companies like Behr, Sherwin Williams, and PPG. Our painting contractors are professional painters that have gone through extensive training and certification programs. Most of our painting contractors are even nationally certified Master Painters! But don’t take our word for it – we offer free estimates on all of our work; just ask your painter about it when they come out to give you an estimate.

#4 Professional Crews

You want a team of professionals, not some guys. Good contractors will have years of experience painting homes. They know how to do it safely, quickly, and efficiently, which is why they charge more money for their services. Plus, if you end up having to fire your roofer or painter halfway through your job (it happens!) you’ll be glad you chose someone whose livelihood depends on it. A pro will make sure you get what you pay for without sacrificing quality.

#5 Reputation

This is a big one. You do not want to risk getting a bad paint job or worse – having your roof leak. Do not just hire anyone off of Google or Craigslist. Make sure that you read reviews and check BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings on all contractors you are thinking about hiring. If they don’t have at least a B rating, run as fast as you can in another direction! A bad contractor can cost you thousands of dollars down the road because he will damage your property so badly, that it might need full replacement versus just fixing what was damaged by poor workmanship. The bottom line is if your roofer or painter does not care about his reputation, neither should you!

#6 Warranty

A good warranty is always a plus with any product or service. Though it’s not often used, it does serve as a sort of getting out of jail-free card if your roofer did a bad job installing your roof or painting your house. It also shows that you feel confident enough about their work that you know they stand behind their work for as long as possible. Finding someone who offers a quality warranty doesn’t take too much research, but just make sure that you ask lots of questions about it before signing on with anyone. Knowing what kind of protection, they offer will go a long way towards reassuring you when making your decision.

#7 Marketing & Lead Generation

The Better Business Bureau is a great resource for background information on companies that you’re considering doing business with. You can also do your research by visiting sites like Yellow Pages or Yelp. Also, if you are a member of any online business forums, it may be worthwhile to ask questions of people who have already done business with contractors in your area. This will give your insight into what kinds of services they offer and their general level of professionalism. The more people you talk to, the better idea you will have about whether or not a contractor should be considered for your project. Remember that just because someone has been doing something for 20 years doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good at it!

#8 Online Reviews

As one of a few home renovation companies in Johns Creek, we’re always looking for new ways to improve. One avenue we’ve found success with is Google+ reviews. By encouraging our clients to leave positive reviews about their experience working with us, we’ve been able to see our positive review count skyrocket—and that has resulted in even more business! For example, just two months ago we had a handful of 4-star reviews; today, eight months later, 92% of our recent reviews are 5-stars. Takeaway: Even if your industry doesn’t use online review sites as heavily as ours does (home remodeling), there are likely other forums where you can gather testimonials or encourage your customers to post feedback online.

#9 Workplace Safety & Insurance Protection

Although not a top priority, your worker’s compensation policy isn’t cheap. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your employees as much as possible? We care about our team members’ safety just as much as you do. The bottom line is that painting and roofing contractors take on more liability by working on your home.

#10 Accessibility

An exterior painting and roofing contractor will have access to a wide range of products, as well as professional, certified employees. If you paint your own home, on what ladder are you going to do it? This kind of work is best left for professionals with ladders that reach over 40 feet high! And any roofer will tell you their job is much easier when they can walk across your roof without putting their lives in danger.


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