LED street signs are the latest street signage solution. They have been used for street lighting systems, information kiosks, road traffic safety and other urban facilities around the world.

Have they also considered street signs?

What makes LED street sign more effective than standard street sign? 

Here are 10 benefits of LED street sign over traditional street signage:

1.  Energy-saving 

LED street signs save costs on your electricity bills

2. Intuitive & easy to install 

The electronic components are integrated into the back or top of each panel, which is made up of modules that can be easily attached together like building blocks with no specialist tools required 

3. More durable – 

Aluminum alloy framework makes them far more robust than plastic-framed electronics signs.

4. Maintenance-free 

No need for onsite servicing and replacement of street signs after major power outages or street signs vandalized by street gangs. 

LED street sign is an all-in-one solution, so if one street light goes out, it can be replaced quickly and easily without having to replace the entire street sign unit

5. Modular design – 

The size of each LED streetlight module is designed with a foldout support leg, which makes installation & maintenance easier & faster than standard street signage

6. High visibility day & night 

Paint coated with special reflective material ensures even lighting during the day and maximum brightness at night. This also increases security as people feel safer when they can see street signs from a longer distance.

7. Tamperproof system 

The street light is waterproof and vandal-resistant, making street sign installation much safer than traditional street signage.

8. Energy-saving & environmental protection 

LED street signage can save power by about 80% when compared to traditional street signage. LED street signs cost more to purchase but they last for up to 50 times longer than standard street sign, so in the long term it is worth every cent you pay extra in initial costs. Traditional street signs use fluorescent tubes that waste 95 percent of their energy as heat; LED street lights emit no direct heat and are mercury-free.

9. Compatible with traffic warning systems 

When equipped with traffic warning systems, street signs can provide pedestrians with details of street name and other traffic information.

10. Attractive design 

LED street sign is more transparent than traditional street signage, allowing street signs to blend in with their surroundings for an attractive appearance that enhances the streetscape.


1. Is street signage expensive to install?

An LED street sign is more expensive than a street sign, but it can be very cost-effective because of its high durability and low maintenance. Since street signs have no moving parts, the initial installation costs are lower compared to street lights or other signboards. 

2. How much does a street sign cost?

The price range for an LED street signage system starts from about $4000 – $6000 depending on different factors such as size, appearance and traffic warnings capability. Compared with traditional street signage that costs only about $1000 per unit, LED street signs offer higher quality at higher prices.

3. What length of warranty period has been provided?

Usually a 1 year warranty is offered on street signage. The street signage warranty period can be extended depending on the manufacturer and models.

4. What if street sign outages occur frequently?

If LED street sign is not compatible with your traffic warning system, we suggest you contact your local street signs supplier to check whether it’s possible for them to add compatibility. Otherwise, street signs usually ensure frequent street sign outages would not affect other parts of the traffic warning system because they have their own battery supply which lasts for up to 72 hours in case of power failure. 


Street signage is not only about street signs. LED street sign systems provide street name signs, street direction signs, street number plates and other traffic information to pedestrians so they can walk safely on the streets at night or in places where street lighting is poor or non-existent. 

LED street sign also provides safety features that help protect your property by deterring criminals & gangs from vandalizing street signs. Most street sign vandalism occurs during after-hours when no one is around to monitor criminal activity. With LED street signage your business will benefit most because they are most vulnerable to damage caused by street gang vandals who also most likely target large companies with their graffiti vandalism activities. 


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