Your Home Office More Comfortable
Your Home Office More Comfortable

Remote work is here to stay. After Covid shut the world down, companies have realized that their workers are just as productive from a home office. You get a better work-life balance and avoid long commutes, while they save thousands a year on renting out office space. It’s a win-win. 

Setting up a dedicated workspace is essential for those who work from home. Otherwise, distractions like dirty dishes, your laundry basket, your dog, or television can quickly pull your focus. 

Creating a comfortable home office will help you crush your to-do list. Even if you don’t have an entire room, a comfy workstation in the corner of your apartment can improve efficiency.  Something as simple as humidifier mist infused with essential oils can help balance your mood between stressful zoom meetings. 

When you love the space you work in, work doesn’t feel like such a chore. Design a comfortable home office that allows you to stay in your zone of genius longer with these ten tips. 

Invest in an Ergonomic chair 

If you are sitting at a desk all day, you need a comfortable chair. An ergonomic desk chair can help improve your posture and prevent you from straining your neck while typing away at your computer all day. 

A good chair will have lumbar support, as well, to keep your lower back from cramping. Hit up an office store and try out a few to see which features are essential for your maximum comfort. 

Create a Flexible Workspace

Even with the best chair, you may get uncomfortable sitting at your desk all day. Instead of settling for a basic desk, choose a flexible option you can quickly convert into a standing desk. 

If you love to get some movement in to help get ideas flowing, try adding a thin under-desk treadmill. Get your steps in while you check items off your to-do list.  

Bring Some Life into the Room 

Brighten up your space with a few plant friends. Add dimension to your home office by hanging them in chic macrame hangers, or simply place them in a cute planter on the corner of your desk. Plants can add some life to an otherwise dull room.  Plus, they will remove toxins from the air and purify your workspace. 

Add Humidifier Mist 

If you want the best air quality, add a cool mist humidifier to your home office. Humidifier mist will prevent the air you breathe all day from becoming dry and irritating sensitive nasal passageways. 

You can add aromatherapy to your humidifier mist. Soothe anxiety with calming scents like lavender or chamomile, or invigorate your senses with eucalyptus. You’ll get more done when you can breathe easily.  

Organize Everything 

Everything will take twice as long if your workspace is cramped and cluttered. Use a desk organizer to keep all your supplies handy without being in the way. Use a file folder system for important documents to quickly find whatever you need to accomplish the day’s tasks. 

Don’t let sloppy cords be an eyesore. Use magnetic or adhesive cable clips to keep all your charging cords neat and tidy.  

Make it Cozy 

You can make your home office as warm and cozy as you want—no need to recreate a traditional office cubicle’s cold, stark environment. Lay a soft area rug beneath your desk to warm your feet on chilly mornings. Have a cuddly throw blanket within reach to wrap yourself up on the days you need a hug. 

Have Your Computer Screen at Eye Level 

Protect your eyes and neck while you spend hours staring at your computer screen by placing your computer monitor at eye level. Your screen should be about arm’s length away from your body. 

You can use a wall mount to affix your monitor to the wall or add risers to your desk to bring your laptop to head height. If you use a laptop, invest in a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to make typing convenient. 

Use Your Wall Space 

Hang a vision board in your workspace to inspire you to stay on course to reach your goals. Keep a bulletin board or dry-erase board handy and keep track of your to-do list. Use your wall space to display art that brings you joy or degrees and certificates you are proud of. 

Personalize Your Office 

When you hang things on your wall and take the time to personalize your office, you make the space your own. Being comfortable isn’t just about a cozy blanket or a squishy chair – it’s about owning your space so you can bring your authentic self to your work daily. 

Working from home means you get to create the ideal work environment for you. Add the elements that will ensure you enjoy sitting down to work in your space. You can have pink walls and a white fur area rug or keep it more austere with gray walls and black and white photographs.  

Make the Most of the Light 

A good window can make your workspace that much better. Let the sunlight into your office by choosing light-colored curtains and keeping them open during work hours—place the desk in a way that maximizes the natural light without casting a glare on your screen.

Add a desk or a floor lamp with a warm bulb to mimic natural light if your home office doesn’t get much natural light. Keep your light source across from your face to have you looking fresh and fabulous whenever you pop into a Zoom meeting. 

Creating a functional and personal home office will help you put your best foot forward every day when you show up for work. A few plants and some aromatherapy humidifier mist can elevate even a dull room into a remote work oasis Read more


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