Using an online PDF compressor is the most effective approach to shrink PDF files. It is fast and doesn’t need you to install any software on your computer to reduce a PDF file to 100KB, 200KB, or less. You may find it difficult to choose the finest online PDF compression tool since there are so many of them. We have chosen the Top 3 PDF compressors after evaluating more than 20 of them online. These 3 PDF compressors are exceptional because they can drastically decrease PDF file size without sacrificing quality and, more importantly, because they are completely secure for PDF compression. 


It costs nothing at all to use Online PDF Compressor (opens new window). There is no restriction on the number of PDF files or file size that may be compressed, and there is no need to register or log in to use the online compression tool. You can consider this as a great tool to reduce PDF size. 

The PDF file size may be decreased by up to 85% with the compressor without sacrificing quality. It reduces the size of PDF files while maintaining their high quality for printing and zooming, making them easier to post to the internet or distribute through email. Then you can proceed to compress PDF. 

Simply launch the PDF compressor online, click Add PDF File to choose a file, or drag and drop a PDF file into the compressor to minimize the size of the file. The PDF will be immediately uploaded and compressed. This PDF reducer is extremely easy to use. 

  • EasePDF 

Online PDF editors, converters, and compressors are all included in EasePDF. Files uploaded to the server will be encrypted by the 256-bit SSL encryption since it has strong encryption (256-bit). Additionally, EasePDF allows you to compress PDF files without the need for a plug-in. 

It functions similarly to other free PDF compressors available online, such as Simply upload a PDF file and choose the PDF’s degree of compression in the compressor. The range of the compress level is from 1 to 10. Higher numbers provide better compression outcomes. 

The PDF compression process will begin after you click Compress PDF. When finished, you may transmit it through URL, email, QR code, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. 

  • iLovePDF 

iLovePDF is a flexible online tool for PDF conversion and compression, similar to Smallpdf. The program for shrinking PDF files is not entirely free to use. When utilizing the free version, the maximum size of the PDF files you may submit is 200MB, and each operation can compress no more than two files at once. You must sign up and subscribe to the premium edition, which costs $6 per month, in order to get around these restrictions. 

The compressor gives users three options once they submit PDF files: high compression, suggested compression, and reduced compression. The PDF file may be severely compressed to be as small as possible, but the quality will suffer. However, less compression can only reach an exceptionally low compression ratio while still maintaining high quality. Choose the suggested compression as a result for an improved outcome.


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