take care of 4c hair at home
take care of 4c hair at home

If you’ve got 4c hair, you stand out from the crowd! This tight, kinky hair type tends to be dry and prone to breakage. But there are ways to care for your hair without using damaging chemicals. For example, some people find that the key to healthy natural locks is a mix of protective styles and gentle shampooing. Although it can be a high-maintenance hair type, some people with 4c hair prefer to embrace their natural texture.

If you have coily hair and are looking for ways to maintain your mane, consider my tips for maximizing your 4c haircare routine. Women with coily hair often turn to perms, relaxers, and other chemical treatments that alter the curl pattern of their hair. However, African American hair is inherently more fragile than other hair types, and these treatments can cause long-term damage that may require dramatic haircuts or a lengthy recovery period.

Tips For Maintain Your 4c Type Hair

Tips For Maintain Your 4c Type Hair

Combating frizz and dryness can be a challenge. Usually, there are lots of hairstyling products and tips here to help you. Here you can get the three moisture-enhancing tips for maintaining fresher 4c natural hair styles.

Use Conditioner

use conditioner for softness & moisture

For 4c hair, softness and moisture are two things you can never get enough of. But suppose your hair has been damaged by coloring or chemical processing. In that case, especially if it has become dry and brittle—you may be experiencing significant moisture loss even after applying hydrating leave-in products. When your hair is in high porosity, it can be hard to keep it hydrated. You may have experienced this problem in the past, especially when you colored or chemically processed your hair. In this case, you can consider it by using a deep conditioning mask made with sake extract, argan oil, or jojoba ester oil.

Know the Benefits of Co-Washing

benefits of co-washing

How do you get them washed, and clean your scalp feeling without ridding your hair of the oils it needs? For those suffering from dryness, shampooing every day is not recommended. Instead, use a customized co-wash that works with your coily and curly hair type. These co-washes are cleansing conditioners that you can use in between your shampoos to cleanse and hydrate your scalp without removing its natural oils or causing dryness.

Go With Your Best 4c Hair

If you have thick, curly 4C hair, you know what it’s like to want your hair to look nice. It can be hard to get the volume and definition you want, but you don’t need to despair! At its best, 4c natural hair type is voluminous, charismatic, and bold. But at its worst, it can be dry, frizzy, and dull. By using a pro-hydration and anti-dryness hair routine in your daily schedule, you can improve the state of your 4C locks and get to a place where it looks their absolute best. It’s important to take care of your 4c hair to achieve the look you want. A good regimen includes conditioning your hair after each wash and using a product like silk amino co-wash to nourish your curls. You can also choose from a variety of products in our collection.


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