For marketers, knowing the changes to Instagram Picuki 2022 will set you apart from your competition. Four major changes are planned for the platform in 2022, and it’s essential to understand these changes to maximize your marketing efforts. Changes on Instagram are always evolving, and it’s important to stay on top of them to stay ahead of your competitors. These changes will impact both the user experience and the way that marketers can reach them. As a result, here’s what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve and make your content stand out from the rest.


If you haven’t heard, Instagram Picuki is phasing out Reels. These video clips, which can last up to 60 seconds, will no longer be available in the App Store. The company cites increased use of Stories and Directs, and the fact that reels take up too much space. Despite their limited lifespan, Reels remain popular with Instagram users. Below are some examples of reels that are now being deleted.

For example, a dancer’s video of her Lipstick challenge using MAC Cosmetics was shared by the brand. InVideo offers over 100 fashion-related pre-made templates. Tagging people increases traction. The app’s algorithm also prioritizes content posted on Reels, which means that people who don’t follow you will still see your video. This feature is particularly beneficial if you want to reach a large audience.

If you’ve tried using Reels on Instagram without success, you may be using an outdated app. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app to access Reels. If you’ve tried downloading the latest version from the Instagram App Store, it may not work. If the problem persists, try flagging your account and downloading the latest version. Otherwise, if you’re having trouble finding Reels, reach out to Instagram’s customer support. You can find their contact details in the Help section of the Instagram app or desktop.

Reels on Instagram are a growth hack for businesses. While they’re a great way to engage with customers, there’s a catch. If you’re not generating a steady stream of original content on Instagram, you won’t see them in the Reels tab. To avoid this, you need to post new content every day. This will help your video reach the top of the Reels tab, where it’s easier to get more engagement from users.


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