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Customers are facing issues in completing purchases through online e-commerce stores. They think it is a complex process to decide the products or platforms based on the price, specifications, trustworthy, security, and ease of the checkout process. Well, Magento personalization helps in building a powerful marketing strategy to boost website sales and conversion rates.   

What are the Essentials of a Magento store?

  • Reporting Analytics: An e-commerce platform should let you access to analyze data and generate reports in real-time. There are many Magento 2 extensions to perform such tasks like the Advanced Report Magento 2. 
  • Personalization: This feature lets you boost conversion rates by displaying the content dynamically, pricing and promotions to individual customers, order history, and more. Some Magento 2 plugins are Shopping Mentor Magento 2, One-Step Checkout Magento 2, and more. 
  • Cloud Hosting: It is a reliable and scalable cloud environment that delivers an exceptional experience to customers. You can integrate the Elsner Magento NetSuite Connector into the store.  
  • PWAs: Progressive Web Applications helps in combining native apps and web-based experiences to increase customer engagement in the E-commerce store. The PWA Extension for Magento 2 can help in changing the user-experience by giving a mobile-app like an experience.  
  • Instant Purchases: This lets customers complete their online purchase easily and gain more potential customers. Using the Xj Auto Complete Product Search, AJAX cart pro with drag and drop to make your Magento store more engaging. 
  • Content Management: The Magento store should let you create content, edit text, videos, images, and more on the webpages using a single interface.         

Essential tips to promote your Magento Store:

Work on the Page Loading Speed

E-commerce stores are facing cart abandonment when they cannot reach the results within a few seconds. Optimize the page loading speed on the Magento 2 website to achieve great success in the market. The Best tips to handle the page loading speed are:

  • Minimize the customer details in the registration form or completing purchase
  • Allow your customers to complete buying products as a guest
  • Let the users to login using social media platforms 
  • Users can save their personal details for future purchase
  • Avoid too many redirections

Looking for some Magento 2 plugins to ease your work, some of them are Blur Image Lazy Loader, One-Step Checkout, and more. 

Use Combination of Up-sell and Cross-sell

Not every customer is sure of the things they are looking for in the e-commerce store. It will be great if you suggest related products to make your customers feel engaged to the platform. Integrate Cross-sell strategy into the products:

  • Build a combo of the products that people just buy together from your Magento store
  • Add products in the same category based on brands, styles, and colors
  • Products that are viewed or bought by other customers based on the real sales data.

While the up-sell is where you try to convince the customers to buy basic or standard products. It is a brilliant strategy to drive your customers to buy higher packages by discount, free shipping, or more add-on services.

Design and Layout of the Magento Store

Some key points to consider while designing your Magento e-commerce store are:

  • Make the website consistent in terms of fonts, colors, and layouts on every page of the website 
  • The domain name should reflect your brand name 
  • Update the content regularly and make it SEO-friendly
  • Keep the website design clean and avoid adding distracting graphics in the store 
  • Add relevant content description for your web pages 

Product Pages

  • Product Image: The image helps in describing the product to the customers visually. Add interesting images to put a great impact on the viewers’ mind and convince them to buy products.
  • Product Description: The description help in making the customers understand about your products and services. There are many Magento 2 Extensions that can help in adding SEO-friendly and unique to gain higher ranks on the search engines.
  • Blogs: Adding content regularly helps in gaining more traffic and boost your sales in the e-commerce section. 

Mobile Friendly

Some features that can help you gain organic traffics are:

  • The Magento store should deliver pleasant user-experience on all screen sizes
  • People should be able to access the website using single URL 
  • The graphics on the website should be attractive and simple
  • Ensure that your page navigation is easy and make it convenient for the users

Summing it up!

The right strategies can help in building a successful e-commerce store. There are many  Magento 2 extensions that can support your business and optimize it effortlessly. You can also get in contact with expert Magento developers to ease your work and resolve the issues easily.


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