The bakery and food industry has always been amongst those companies that come up with the best packaging options. An example of this is the range of pastry boxes available in the market. These boxes render multiple benefits to their users. Foremost is protection and safety. Not only do they provide safety from physical shocks and deterioration, which could lead to de-shaping and breaking down, but also from environmental pressures, thus helping the pastry stay fresh for a longer period. Moreover, their designs and styles are fully customizable and can be made in a way that they target the particular audience only, thus provides with the best results.

While designing any packaging unit is not an easy task, and attention needs to be paid to multiple aspects, pastry boxes need to be paid special attention. This is because the quality of the company is determined through its appearance, which is often based on the packaging. Let’s make your task substantially easier by suggesting some of the most useful tricks that you can use for your boxes as well. 

Eye-Catching Colors

Before moving on towards the complexities, one needs to optimize the basics. When it comes to the basics of packaging, the first thing that needs to be checked is the color. Color is something that is noticed even from a distance and forms the basis of the aesthetics. If the shade is not wisely chosen, any gains or benefits cannot be expected. When talking about bakery boxes, in particular, there is no restriction as to which color should be used; rather, any hue could be chosen from the plethora of colors available. However, to gain a better position in the packaging, one should use the colors based on the intended audience and the type of product. For a pastry that is targeted towards the highest socio-economic class and the elites and thus costs substantially higher than the normal ones, exclusive and shiny colors such as gold and silver would prove to be immensely beneficial. In a very similar manner, if the packaging is amended as per the target audience, great advantages in the form of higher sales and revenues can be obtained. 

Captivating Designs and Illustrations

With the inception of custom printed boxes, placing designs and illustrations of your choice has not remained a problem anymore. Digital software is all that you need to design the face of the packaging as per your choice. Those designs and illustrations must be placed that will be able to attract the customer. Now, this is a very vague and senseless statement since it is highly likely that the same design or illustration would be able to attract all of the customers. Therefore, just like in the case of colors, bringing differences for each customer could be beneficial. The best example that can be given in this regard is attracting kids. Kids can be a hard audience to cater, and thus requires placing childish designs such as cartoony images and animated backgrounds which make sparks their attention and lures the children towards itself. 

Worthy and Premium Materials

A crucial mistake that many bakers and companies make is that they tend to neglect the material of the box and use the simple cardboard boxes. They are of the view that since this box serves its duty of storing the pastries, there is no need to invest in boxes made out of better-quality materials. This is one mistake that could cost the business heavily in terms of loss in repute and eventually leading towards lower sales. Therefore, better quality materials must be used. Rigid packaging, for instance, transforms the image that custom pastry boxes have to provide and take them to a whole new level. In addition to the looks, they are also quite sturdy and subsequently provide greater protection to the pastries within. Thus they can be labeled as a yielding investment. 

Do Utilize Finishing Options

Simple boxes do fulfill the need for packaging, however custom printed pastry boxes provide a much better look, and thus the outcomes are also substantially better. One valuable and effective traits of these packages is the finishing options. Amongst the various available options, some of the most good-looking ones include spot gloss, gloss lamination, and matte lamination. These finishing options enhance the image of the product and make it look much better. Therefore, if you use these texture options, you will observe better results in your financial statements. Therefore using them could be exponentially beneficial. 

Never Forget Branding

Printed pastry boxes can be very useful and beneficial if they are used in the right manner. One trait that must be used and would be largely advantageous for the business is branding. All companies want to make customers loyal and ensure repeat sales. For this creating an identity is necessary. This identity is often created through things like logos and slogans. These are the intangible assets of the company and become the identity of the company, therefore leading towards higher sales and better results in the long-run. 

The aforementioned are some of the best tactics and strategies to design your food packaging; in particular, the boxes for pastries, you must fully utilize them to ensure higher and sustainable success. The outcome of some of these techniques would be observed in the short-run, whereas most of the tactics would yield their results in the longer-run.


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