Diamond jewellery is rich and has its own bright shine. Diamonds are one of the most beautiful elements that man has ever discovered. Even if diamonds are hard substances, they need protection and safety measure to maintain their flawlessness. Knowing the proper and efficient methods to preserve your gemstone is prerequisite because if you follow the wrong steps, it may damage your precious gemstone. Diamonds are most likely to get damaged in places like the gym, pool, in the sun, etc. Following are the 5 safety tips you can use to avoid any damage to your diamond jewellery –

1. Use separate boxes for storage – Most people are unaware of the fact that diamonds can scratch and damage other diamonds. The surface of the diamond is hard in texture because it is made up of strong carbon bonding. Just placing two diamonds beside each other can create dents on any one or both the diamonds. Simply keep different diamonds in their respective boxes to avoid any damage. You can also wrap the jewellery with a small linen cloth and then place it in the respective box. 

2. Visit your jeweller – Visiting you jeweller is recommended at least once in a year. They are like doctors of diamonds so they will detect and repair the flaws and cracks in the jewellery. Sometimes, we do not recognize these flaws but these people at the jewellery store can, because they are professionals. All reputed jewellers like hatton garden jewellery shops provide these check-up services. Showing up to you jewellers will thus lead to longer life of your diamond and jewellery.

3. Remove when doing hard work – Whenever you are indulged into hard-working activities or things that may cause damage to the diamond; remove the jewellery and keep it aside for a while. Diamond is not an indestructible substance so make sure you don’t expose it to rough conditions such as gyming, doing dishes, swimming or anything that can create hard friction on the diamond. 

4. Don’t touch the diamond too often – Now it is difficult to constrain yourself from touching the diamond, especially when it’s new but you must know that touching your diamond jewellery can reduce its shine and glitter. The colour and clarity of the diamond will fade away if you continuously touch your diamond. This happens because the oil from your skin will come into contact with the diamond and ruin the brightness of the diamond.  5. Avoid harmful chemicals – Chemicals surely bring brightness to mirrors and glasses but it is totally not the case with diamonds. You must never buy and use cheap liquid cleaners on wedding and engagement rings Hatton Garden because they contain toxic chemicals that will reduce the quality of your gemstone. If you still want to keep it clean, follow these steps – Mix some dishwashing liquid with lukewarm water, soak the diamond jewellery in the solution for few hours, rinse the jewellery with clean water and wipe it out with a cloth csfor removing grease and dirt.


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