Torrenting Apps

Torrent is the simplest and most effective method for downloading free content. There are a huge number of torrent apps out there that help you handle torrent files properly while downloading movies and shows.

In this article, we are going to focus on some of the best torrenting apps for androids that you can use to download any type of content. Most of these applications are rated very high on the android app store and their performance is quite effective.

Here are some of the best torrenting apps that you can try right now to download content on your android smartphones

1. Flud

This great torrent client has a built-in search feature that allows you to find torrents for apps, games, and TV shows. The app gives you complete details about the torrent files like their name, size, storage path, speed limit, etc.

This app can handle both HTTPS and magnet torrent links which means you will not need separate applications for both these types of files.

2. uTorrent

This OG torrent client has everything you need in a torrent app. It has a great user interface and offers full customization. You can adjust the download limit, see the estimated download time, and check out the download percentage. The app also uses social media sharing to make the experience a little better for you.

uTorrent can handle magnet torrent links very well. The app is very easy to install and use, and its performance is really great when it comes to downloading both TV shows as well as movies.

3. Mediaget

This app comes with a wide range of features and provides a number of customization options. The downloading speed of this client is pretty impressive even when your internet connection is a little weak for some reason.

Mediaget just like kisscartoon alternatives, has a very efficient layout and fast loading speed. The app is available for both Android as well as apple devices. Using this app, you can download the entire show or some specific parts based on your needs. Mediaget really makes torrenting a piece of cake for you and saves so much of your time as well as energy.

4. aTorrent

This app saves your content and even if your internet or power goes down, It pauses the download and resumes from there when it is back on. The advanced UI, sleek design, quick loading speed, and small size of this app make it the top priority for so many torrent users.

Having an app store rating of 4.1, the app helps you control every aspect of your torrent file and allows you to make the most out of this experience.

5. BiglyBit

This app is compatible with phones, tablets, as well as Chromebooks. The biggest feature of this free app is that it contains virtually no ads or popups to disturb your downloading. This app can also be used on an Android TV which allows you to enjoy films of your choice in the comfort of your bedroom.

The app offers real-time tracking of the torrent’s progress and uses various customization tools to make the experience seamless for you.

6. tTorrent Lite

This great app is ideal for downloading large-size files that don’t have many seeders. There are no unnecessary features and that makes the app comparatively lighter and more effective.

Just like movierulz plz download, this app pays extra attention to the user experience as well. The app gives you various useful features like separate sections for downloads, completed files, paused, feedback, etc. With this single torrent client, you can handle torrent files of all sizes and types which is petty impressive.

Final Thoughts

So these are some of the best torrent applications for androids that you can try out for the best experience. Most of these files are used daily by millions of torrent users for downloading shows, movies, documents, etc.

We have selected these apps for their ease of use, small sizes, and the variety of customization features that they offer. We really hope this list of torrent apps for androids helps you improve your torrent experience, and we wish you the very best for finding the most appropriate torrent app for yourself.


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