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The Twitter widget gives your brand the ability to embed several tweets from your feed into your website. You can also display tweets from people you follow on your website for better engagement. This is an effective way of portraying your brand’s value, authenticity, and affinity. 

Traditionally creating a Twitter widget for your website, would require technical knowledge however, this problem has been solved with the introduction of plugins and other social media aggregators. 

Let’s look at a few innovative and interactive examples of the various ways you can create a Twitter widget for website. Add them to your website to get tons of followers, optimize conversion rates, enhance engagement, and much more.

Best Twitter Widget Examples For Website

Profile Timeline 

Profile timeline allows you to feature your Twitter feed on your website pages with retweets from other public Twitter users. This method is a great promotional tool as this timeline showcases your brand’s entire Twitter feed. 

If there was any tweet related to an upcoming sale or launch of new products, and by showing the same on your website you are driving traffic to your brands’ updates. There are two ways with which you can embed a profile timeline; Manual and Automatic. Manual requires a lot of coding and CSS that can be harmful to your entire website if not used carefully. Plus it’s time-consuming. The automatic method involves using plugins that are quick and easy with zero coding required.

Mentions Timeline 

Mentions timeline offers you to showcase all the people who have mentioned you in their tweets. Use your social proof to boost your conversion rates and business growth. Using twitter testimonials the brand is using its existing customers to promote its brand and influence potential customers. 

The best way to improve your brand goodwill is to add this mentions timeline to your sales page. Twitter does not offer embedding mentions timeline to your website, however, you can use Twitter Feed Pro to showcase a live Twitter mentions feed on your website.

Twitter Slideshow 

Slideshow as the name suggests is a carousel of Twitter feeds embedded in your website. Use this carousel layout in a unique and creative way to encourage your audience and reduce website bounce rates. Instead of showcasing your entire Twitter grid, give the customers control over how they choose to see your Twitter testimonials using a horizontal layout.

To install the Twitter slideshow, you can use the Twitter plugins as manually embedding them into your website from Twitter is not an option provided by Twitter as of now, and hiring a developer to code it on your website does not cost and time effective.

Hashtag Feed 

Showing your Twitter feed and other mentions showcases reviews and testimonials majorly. However, you can also use a hashtag feed to feature your company’s hashtag on your website. Displaying tweets from you and people who have used your company’s hashtag can enhance your brand’s reputation and it is an exquisite way to promote any new product or cause. 

Use your powerful social media presence to boost your sales. If everyone is using your hashtag and a lot of your followers are tweeting about it then it portrays a sense of positivity in other people, they think if everyone is using it then it must be good. Which provides your brand with a lot of traffic and enhanced engagement.

List Timeline 

Listing out tweets from related Twitter accounts that have something in common is a very subtle yet powerful way of embedding creativity and uniqueness into your website. List timeline can be created for your brand ambassadors, potential and current clients, or even customers categorized using location. 

List timeline provides a vast amount of options on how to display it on your website. You can use Twitter widgets to showcase in your sidebar, blogs, footer, etc. for amplified exposure. Using a widget provides your brand with a variety of easy steps to customize and moderate your content and reduces the risk of using a code that may break your entire website if not used carefully.

Twitter Sidebar Widget 

Embed a Twitter widget on your website to display tweets on website sidebars areas. Establishing brand awareness and increasing user engagement becomes easy as compared to other methods with this twitter sidebar widget. Customers can see your tweets while visiting a product page or a blog post, making it easy for them to research anything they want without fiddling between various pages.

This provides the users a small nudge towards finalizing their decision and making a purchase. And of course embedding this in your website without using complicated technical language is possible with plugins and widgets.


Well, here are examples of the best ways to showcase your Twitter feed on your website using unique and innovative ways. There are a lot of tutorials provided online on how to use plugins and widgets for you to see and use in just a few clicks.


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