Bus Accident

Getting involved in a bus accident can be surprisingly complicated. 

On one hand, it’s weird to think that buses even get into accidents. 

We tend to think of them as ‘safe public transport systems’ that we can rely on to get us from point A to point B safely and securely. 

However, this isn’t always the case. 

Just like any other 4-wheeled craft, every bus is subject to the same risks and potential pitfalls as any other vehicle would be. 

And you may be shocked to learn that such accidents are actually surprisingly common

Learning what steps to take in the wake of a bus accident is really important. 

And you’re about to learn why. 

Let’s talk about the six steps you need to take if you’re ever involved in a bus accident.

Hey, nobody ever wants to think that this could happen to them. 

But it happens enough that this is ‘must have’ knowledge—especially if you tend to ride a bus very often, for any reason at all.  

1. Take Stock Of The Situation

Right after the accident, you may be in a state of shock. 

You may be injured, disoriented, and/or unsure of exactly what’s going on. 

Try to take stock of the situation and figure out exactly where you are and what the damage is. 

Are you injured? 

Are other people around you injured? 

Try to take mental notes of everything that’s happening. 

Try to remember as many details as possible.

This will help EMS when they arrive. But you may also need this information when you’re making notes about the accident for your own purposes later on. 

2. Get Medical Attention

The very first thing you should be concerned with is getting adequate medical attention for yourself and the other passengers.

To facilitate this, you should either call emergency medical services immediately, or make sure that someone else is doing it.

It’s usually the bus driver’s responsibility to do this—but you’ll want to make sure that it’s getting done anyway. 

Sometimes, the bus driver may be too injured to perform this function.

3. Collect Information

After you’ve received adequate medical attention and are no longer in medical danger, you’ll want to collect contact information from the bus driver and the other passengers. 

This will help you if you need to build a case to get cash reparations for any damages or injuries that you sustained during the accident. 

4. Document The Scene

It’s of vital importance that you document the scene as well as possible before leaving it. 

This will mean collecting statements from the driver, the other passengers, and witnesses or bystanders—and also taking video and photographic evidence of the accident scene. 

Collecting this information can help you to build a case, just in case you need to file a claim to collect financial compensation for any injuries or damages.

5. Never Admit Fault

Insurance agents and other people may try to get you to either admit fault or sign papers waiving away your rights. 

Never do this. 

Don’t sign any papers or admit to anything without consulting a lawyer first.

In doing so, you could accidentally be waiving your right to financial compensation that you actually deserve.

6. Contact A Lawyer

It’s of paramount importance that you contact a local lawyer after being involved in a bus accident. 

For example:

If the accident happened in Los Angeles, you’d want to make sure to call a bus accident lawyer Los Angeles number. 

Here’s the thing…

Since you weren’t operating the vehicle, you most likely deserve some kind of financial reparations for the pain, suffering, and damages you endured while in transit—and the best way to begin the process of collecting these reparations is to talk to a lawyer who specializes in bus accident litigation. 

Make sure you talk to a lawyer, and don’t delay.


There you have it. 

6 steps to take if you’re involved in a bus accident

Hopefully, this post has given you everything you need to not only get through this ordeal safely—but also navigate the complicated after-effects of such an accident. 

You’ve got this.

Just make sure that you follow these steps, and you should be fine. 


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