refrigerator repair

A faulty appliance isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s an expensive one. Replacing an appliance can cost hundreds of dollars, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and hire the wrong company to fix it. If you want to save money, follow these tips when dealing with appliance repair companies so that you can keep your hard-earned money in your wallet and not theirs.

1) Does it feel warm?

A simple way to test if your appliance needs repair is to touch it. If it feels hot to your touch, or if you can feel the heat radiating from it, then there could be a serious problem that is putting both you and your wallet at risk. Call a professional ASAP to fix it before you end up spending more than necessary to avoid further damage and additional repair bills.

Another factor to consider when trying to figure out whether or not you need repairs done is what your appliances smell like. Smoke, burning plastic, and other strange odors are an indication of problems within your appliances.

2) Cheap Appliances Are Risky

When an appliance breaks, you don’t want to replace it with a cheaper version. You may save money upfront, but over time you’ll likely spend more due to things like frequent repairs and breakdowns—these problems are hard to predict and can cost big bucks. When possible, it’s best to buy from a reliable manufacturer to avoid nasty surprises down the road. If your refrigerator is old or in bad shape, consider replacing it with a new one rather than spending hundreds of dollars repairing it; new appliances will run more efficiently and last longer than cheap versions.

3) Is your warranty current?

Check to see that your warranty is still current and hasn’t expired. If it has, you may have to pay out of pocket if repairs are needed. Many manufacturers require you to use an authorized repair shop, so before calling a repairman, check with them first. Often, they will offer a service call at no charge so that they can look at your appliance to determine what is wrong and advise you on whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. This way you don’t spend money unnecessarily. Some manufacturers even allow you to download owner manuals and parts lists from their websites. This way, if something goes wrong, you know exactly how to fix it yourself (or at least diagnose the problem).

4) Do you need a repair right now?

It’s natural to want to fix things right away, but before you call your appliance repair service, take a step back and think about whether your appliance needs fixing right now. If it has a fatal flaw that you can’t live with until next week, then it might be worthwhile to wait until it’s fixed. But if it’s something like a broken handle or light switch, you may be able to make do without spending money on an immediate repair. If you decide not to get repairs done immediately, make sure that whatever is wrong doesn’t cause any damage in the meantime—for example, if your washing machine is making noise when it shouldn’t be or your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, turn off those appliances and contact an appliance repair company as soon as possible.

5) What repairs are covered by the manufacturer?

Keep in mind that not all repairs are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Major appliances and home electronics often come with lengthy warranties, but you must take care to read their terms carefully. Some warranties don’t cover installation or preventative maintenance, which can help you save time and money over time. If you have questions about your warranty, contact customer service before calling an appliance repair specialist. You may also want to search online forums and other sources of information related to your particular product. Your fellow consumers may be able to share valuable tips on how they’ve saved money through preventive maintenance or cheaper parts from unofficial sources.

6) Use manufacturer coupons!

Manufacturers often offer coupons that can be used to save money on specific appliance repairs. This way, you don’t have to pay full price! Find coupons online or in local newspapers. If you have an appliance that needs repair and are looking for a trustworthy technician, you might even ask if they accept manufacturer coupons as a form of payment. This could potentially lower your cost even further. It never hurts to ask!

In addition to manufacturer coupons, keep in mind other ways you can save when getting appliances repaired. For example, if you need dryer vent cleaning, using a coupon code is a great option for getting extra savings.


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