The term playing card boxes is a generalized term used to refer to the packaging of playable cards. The boxes vary based on shape and sizes depending upon the playable cards encased within.

Cardboard boxes and metals cases are the two most popular variations of these boxes. Manufacturers also customize the packages to meet specific brand requirements. Such boxes are a trend in the market because of their marketing appeal. 

To make your brand known more intimately you can incorporate logo, product details and printing. You can use even conventional printing methods on these boxes.

Who doesn’t like to play cards? At this point, we are talking about the signature cards game played around the globe. But here’s one thing you might have missed about the cards—the playing card boxes. Unique, prominent, and utterly protective, these boxes are truly unique. According to the historical overview, playing cards were introduced to the European Elite back in the 1370s by the Islamic traders of Egypt. In the beginning, they restricted the classic cards game to the elite class of Europe. This was because playing cards were printed by hand back in those days.

Amazing facts about Playing Card Boxes.

  1. Keep the cards intact.

Maintaining the playing cards is probably the most challenging part for a manufacturer. Within a facility, they generate the cards with the help of a high-speed action machine. Because of this super-fast output, it becomes pretty difficult for the facility to hold the cards in place.

That’s why the manufacturer uses specially built custom playing card boxes to store the cards. The base material used in manufacturing varies from region to region. Generally, we use plastic or cardboard.

  1. Customizable

For those of you who don’t know, there is a lot of opportunities related to customization here. The card boxes have a lot of space, that we can use for genius customization campaigns. The very same reason why printed playing card boxes are so vivid and prominent usually.

The whole process of customization can divide into three aspects. The first one is the entire color scheme of the card. The second one is the logo placement if you have a solid brand. And the third one is the coating over the box that gives it the texture.

  1. Marketing Material

Can we even use custom printed boxes for marketing? Yes, they can be. These boxes have tremendous marketing potential for those of you who aren’t looking at the picture. Just think about it; these playable card games will reach almost every neighborhood one way or another.

According to verified survey reports, card box manufacturers run such a kind of campaign. The overall cost of these campaigns is also super low than other such huge-scale campaigns. Plus, the overall impact of these card boxes-based campaigns is far higher than regular flyer-based campaigns.

  1. Shipping Allies

Card games are popular. The market is full of opportunities where potential manufacturers and distributors can earn huge profits. But again, there’s one particular issue that we must tackle before getting right to the benefits. Yes, we are talking about the distribution and management of these cards. To focus on this core issue, cards boxes are the ultimate choice.

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More recently, the industry launched a whole new series of metal cases that is taking the game to the next level. These Printed playing cardboxes are trendy to hold and can also withstand a lot of physical damage and environmental factors.

  1. Customer Oriented

What’s the golden rule of a retail business? ‘The customer is always right. It may sound fishy, but yes, this approach is precisely what you need to exceed as a retailer, significantly if you associate with the playing cards business or playing cards packaging manufacturing business.

When a consumer visits a store nearby, there will be plenty of options available on the rack to choose from. Now, suppose you want that the consumer goes with your particular brand. In that case, you need to make sure that your packaging vendor build the packaging box from the finest quality material providing maximum value to the consumer.

  1. Playing card boxes and multiple opening patterns

This comes under the banner of innovation. The playing cards packaging and boxes can be customed to replicate different opening patterns. The most common opening pattern in this category is open from the top design. You just simply remove the top and get the cards all at once.

But some fantastic box-opening ideas got introduction within the market recently. Some boxes come with a sliding mechanism exposing every single card once the package opens. There are boxes with some fantastic card placement mechanized units within for professional card games.

  1. Durable for Life 

You may not believe it, but the cards boxes last a lifetime. The reason behind this is the base material used in their making. The overall build quality of the cards is also a significant factor in preserving the cards for a very long time.

Two core materials are used to manufacture custom boxes. The first one, textured cardboard, then laminated by a plastic sheet for preservation. The second one is metals like aluminum which are light in weight but are super strong in working. The cases made out of metals are also quite eye-catching.

The playable cards industry is enormous. Today, most of the global population knows how to play a card-based game. You can estimate the potential of this industry and the impact of playing cards boxes on your own now.


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