Relationships are an important part of our healthy life. Research has proven that social connections are good for both mental and physical health.

Healthy relationships should have honesty, trust, respect and open communication between the  partners and they have to take effort and compromise from both people.

It is important for you to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. If you are in a relationship that is healthy or unhealthy and want to share your views and write on the category of Health Accepting Guest Posts and submit your health related posts.

Do you know what makes a relationship healthy ??

Every relationship is exclusive , and people close for several different reasons. the definition of a healthy relationship is sharing a standard goal for exactly how you want the connection to be and till where you would like it to travel .

No matter how you identify, a healthy relationship is vital to cultivate because the other — a toxic relationship — takes a toll on your quality of life by heightening depression and anxiety, impacting sleep, causing you to require up unhealthy habits, and even impacting heart health,

Some tips to make your relationship healthy :

You’re not afraid of (respectful) disagreement.

Some of the couples used to talk about things very quietly, while others may raise their voices and passionately disagree. The key during a robust relationship, though, isn’t to be frightened of conflict. You need to feel safe to precise things that bother you without worrying of retaliation, and be ready to resolve conflict without humiliation .


Neither partner should need to compromise who he/she is, and his/her identity shouldn’t be supported by a partner’s. Each should continue seeing his or her friends and doing the items he/she loves. Each should be supportive of his/her partner eager to pursue new hobbies or make new friends.

Have a good and honest communication skills

You and your partner feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings freely and honestly to every other. That means there are not any forbidden topics, and you both feel heard. It may be challenging to speak about tough issues, but partners in healthy relationships don’t twiddle my thumbs .

Arguments are normal, but healthy couples fight fair. There are no names , blaming, or assuming what your partner thinks or feels. Your goal is to know your partner’s point of view.

Should have fun together

You enjoy each other’s company and have fun. This doesn’t mean that you simply are always on bliss – but your life together is happy and fun most of the time.


This is an important component of a robust relationship, but it doesn’t happen quickly and if once broken it is very difficult to rebuild it again .

When you believe circumstances that would lead you to lose trust in your partner, infidelity may come to mind directly . But cheating isn’t the sole reason to break trust during a relationship.

You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin

When you’re during a relationship, it’s crucial to understand your strengths and weaknesses, says Howell. it may be that you’re confident around your friends but you may be self-conscious at work. Or you know that tiny things, like your partner forgetting to require out the trash, can set you off.

Spend quality time together

Check in with each other. Make time periodically to discuss the relationship. Sometimes changes occur or schedules become busy and you’ll miss time to attach or mention things. You may want to mention relationship goals and expectations, as these can sometimes change. Ignoring difficult topics or hoping they’re going to get away is a method for a relationship to crumble.

Appreciate and do not criticise

Appreciate each other. A healthy relationship should be one during which you and your partner feel appreciated. Often, relationships are built from many small things added on top of the opposite . Find the items your partner does for you and say “thank you.” Rather than that, specialise in the mistakes your partner makes, specialise in the ways your partner adds to your life.once you notice something, speak out and show your appreciation.

If you are in a unhealthy relationship then you should do the following :

Unhealthy relationships can have a big detrimental impact on your health, happiness, and overall well-being. The problem is that while some relationships are clearly toxic or maybe abusive, other unhealthy relationship .

Let go of codependency.

Dysfunctional behaviour during a codependent relationship can appear as if one person supports or enables the opposite person’s irresponsibility, immaturity, addiction, or poor health. Respect your partner’s privacy. Being during a relationship doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend every moment together or share everything.  Respect your partner’s need for privacy and space. If jealousy comes up, remind yourself that jealousy are some things you are feeling which will not be directly associated with your partner’s actions.

Note warning signs of abuse. Relationships can be built by respect and equality, not power and control. While you’ll not think much of some behaviours initially , disrespectful behaviours set a tone during a relationship. If your partner is possessive, insulting, yelling, humiliating, or disrespectful or anything like this , this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship .


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