It is regrettable that a lone gunman can take innocent lives. Schools, hospitals, retail locations or outdoor places are no longer safe. The threat of mass shooting is everywhere. Anyone, anywhere in America is capable of pulling the trigger on a large population. A report from the Pew Research Center based on FBI and CDCs, reveals that 38 Americans lost their lives to mass shootings in 2020. The FBI defines an active shooter as one or more persons that is actively involved in killing or trying to kill people in populated places. It is now necessary for your team to have active shooter training situations that will help them when their life and those of others is at risk.

Training Response strategies

It is critical for every person to have the skills of responding to active shooter situations. In most cases, mass shooting takes a maximum of 15 minutes. More often, the police will arrive after this time. Every individual should use the FBI’s tactics of run, hide and fight to help them survive an active shooting event. It is recommendable if we can help you and your team organize for “active shooter training” situations. The program also helps law enforcement officers to hone their skills in managing active shooter scenarios.

Training Exercises

The best way of training your team how to respond to active shooter situations is by engaging in active shooter training exercises. The local law enforcement officers can be of good use when designing mock training exercises.

Some of the components of training will help you learn how to:

•       Correctly identify the sound of gunshots

•       Swiftly react when you hear gunshots or see an active shooter trying to kill people. At this point you are supposed to apply the FBI tactic of run, hide and fight the shooter as a last resort.

•       Effectively call the police through their toll free number which is 911

•       React when the police arrive on the scene of crime

•       Cope with a survival mind during and after the crisis

Best Practices for Coping with an Active Shooter Situation

The best practices of addressing an active shooter incident should be embraced since life is at risk. Even trained officers hone their skills by applying these practices. Here are some of the best practices that are applied in an active shooter situation:

•       Be fully aware of your surrounding and any potential dangers in the area.

•       You should always identify 2 exits that you can easily use in whatever place you visit.

•       If you are in an office environment, stay in the office and secure the office door.

•        In case the shooting starts when you are in a hallway, get to the nearest room and secure the door.

•       Finally, should try to take the shooter down as a last resort. For those who are in close range with the shooter it is recommended that you try to incapacitate the shooter.

When your life is clearly in danger you can disrupt the active shooter by yelling at them, trying to combat them as much as possible, distracting them by throwing things at them and lastly improvising weapons that you can use against them.

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