What would you be like if your personal life was more organized? Is work-life balance possible? What tools are available? Can you save time and prioritize by taking and keeping appointments at home?

What kind of challenges are we facing? Time spent at home can be one of the busiest times in our lives, especially when we live in. Imagine someone who works from home, is homeschooled, and sometimes has a part-time job. Try it. Also, think about full-time entrepreneurs who work from home. How can you get all the information you need in one day? We live in a time when many entrepreneurs and even corporate employees are embracing a work-from-home culture. This poses the challenge of blurring the boundaries between home and work. The blurring of boundaries and limitations of finite time resources leads people to overwork, under-rest and burnout. Good time management in the workplace has been encouraged and accepted in practice, but I believe more needs to be done to change mindsets in order to achieve the elusive work-life balance. believe.


What tools are available? Set daily goals, prioritize wisely, set time limits for each task, and organize yourself to effectively manage your time at home. There are a number of interventions that can be employed, such as the introduction of disciplinary schedules. Yes, it will be at your house! You can spend time thinking about the pros and cons of each intervention but focus on the appointment and how this will change the course of the day, whether it’s a business day or a weekend deal. Life is busy as it is without intervention. The question is, how do you deal with someone who announces they are at the gate? It could be a friend, a neighbor, or a seller of a product you don’t need.I’m not promoting control here, but importantly he’s a culture that enriches the day. All of our success is due to careful planning and execution. I don’t think you can manage your time unless you manage it yourself, so I would like you to add planning and appointments to your repertoire. I don’t talk about what I don’t do.

Can scheduling appointments and keeping them at home save us time and prioritize? While we have determined that it is normal business to make appointments and comply with them, we must waive our open-door policy allowing anyone to reach us at any time they wish. want at home. Please understand where I come from. Each of us has greatness within us, but to achieve this we must cultivate good habits. Use Home Meet Me and only see people you’ve agreed to to cut out unnecessary meetings, especially during your most productive hours. I know it will vary by culture, geography, or even wealth level, whether you live in a low density or high density residential area, but that does not negate the need to be organized. function and efficiency. Access control determines your level of organization and quality of work and breaks on scheduled breaks.

What should we do differently? We must be disciplined and diligent, learning to say no, not when, next week. What is the advantage of this method? You are not always the firefighter to meet the deadline, You are not always tired of not taking time to rest. You have spent enough time to spend with loved ones or a loved one. If you’re a busy person, I’m sure you appreciate what I’m saying. Whether it’s working non-stop, spending time with family or “taking time for yourself”, you need to be in order to enjoy it.

I am not saying that those that come unannounced are bad people. No, not at all, they probably are people you enjoy spending time with. Nevertheless, there must be prior communication so that you can attend to your visitor(s) when it is convenient for both you and them. It can be quite disrupting and a whole day can just pass by without achieving anything that you had planned to do.

As we grow older we begin to appreciate that rest and recovery need to be scheduled. The fact that I am relaxing doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to do. One therefore cannot assume that just because you are at home you are available. Maybe you have scheduled that time to rest. That is important. You need to make an appointment with yourself, spouses need to also set aside time for each other. Parents need to schedule a time to spend with their children. When you have some sort of order in your life you determine who sees you and who you see. It also means that your relationships will be healthy and that makes you a happier person.

In conclusion, I believe that the work-life balance can be achieved. There are many tools at our disposal just like it is in the workplace.I believe we could do more and be happier if we are disciplined enough to make only the commitments we can keep.I am certain that setting appointments and keeping them at home help us save time and prioritize.

Fitzgerald Mujuru, a fusion of Business Coach, Personal Effectiveness Coach, Business Consultant, Marketing Strategist, Sales Zealot, Speaker, brand builder, with over twenty years in marketing and sales for globally known brands. He has vast commercial experience at management level in various sectors. His strengths include marketing, brand building, sales, business development, business strategy, management, and equipping leaders and teams with strategies for personal and team effectiveness. He has handled various consultancy assignments for companies in professional services, media, communications, training and development, non-profit organizations. He has released 4 books and published more than 200 articles online.


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