APSSMT and Labor Protection Services

As part of the activities of the Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT), we provide our clients with a wide range of labour protection services. Our services include training, mediation, job placement, socio-professional integration, archiving and storage of documents and S.S.M and S.U. services. The organization’s portfolio includes socio-professional integration services such as occupational assessments, counseling, vocational training and mediation. We also offer job retention and coaching.

Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timisoara (APSSMT)

APSSMT stands for the Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara, a non-profit organization based in the western part of Romania. It contributes to research studies, prevention measures, and improvements to the working environment and the health of workers in the region. Its members are business owners, employees, and other stakeholders in the labor market. As such, it is a crucial institution in the region.


The Association for Occupational Health and Safety in Timisoara, also known as APSSMT, is located in the Western part of the country. This association focuses on the creation of prevention solutions and research studies for improving the working conditions of the workforce. This organization promotes servicii ssm si protectia muncii Timisoara. It also helps companies in Romania to reduce their risk of occupational health and safety-related incidents.

Law No. 319 of 2006

The OSH and SSM law, adopted in 2006, is the benchmark for Romania’s safety and health approach in the workplace. Its main purpose is to promote worker health and well-being, thereby achieving a higher standard of living and working. It consists of principles and consecutive provisions that regulate the rights and obligations of employers and workers and establish the necessary measures to promote OSH in the workplace.

Social dialogue at territorial level

The social dialogue at territorial level occurs within the prefecture and sectoral levels, in committees made up of representatives of the local administration, trade unions, and employers. In addition to representatives of labor protection services, the commissions include representatives of civil society, experts, and other administrative structures. The advisory opinions of the committees are then communicated to the Economic and Social Council and considered in the elaboration of each draft law.

ARSSM involvement in EU OSH campaigns

ARSSM’s involvement in EU OSH campaigns is growing, and it is especially exciting to be involved in the latest campaign, Healthy Workplaces. This campaign aims to increase awareness of the risks of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), as well as to share best practice solutions. The campaign aligns with the EU’s ‘vision zero’ approach to work-related deaths, and includes a gender dimension and the needs of specific groups at risk.


The SC SAFE WORK SSM-PS I SRL Timisoara provides a wide variety of services that ensure the safety of workers and installations. The company’s experienced team of professionals is dedicated to promoting safety in the workplace and minimizing the risks associated with fire, electrical, and mechanical hazards. They work closely with clients to develop relationships that foster safety. In addition, they are focused on emergency situations and workplace safety.


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