Australia wants to increase the attraction of Big Bash in T20 competition. Draft method like IPL will be used to get the best foreign cricketers.

IPL is showing the way to cricket world. The ICC has said it will sell broadcasting rights in the style of the IPL. Cricket Australia also wants to use the IPL draft method to recruit foreign cricketers to their Big Bash League.

In fact, Cricket Australia is gearing up to challenge the IPL. The Big Bash League will be next December. Before that, the teams will finalize the foreign cricketers. According to the draft system, each team will have to field at least two foreign cricketers. Again, no team can take more than three foreign cricketers. According to Cricket Australia, the procedure will be followed to get the best possible foreign cricketers. The goal of the Australian cricket authorities is to increase the attractiveness of the T20 competition. They also want to increase the number of teams. Australia wants to make the Big Bash more attractive in the international market.

Cricketers will be divided into four groups. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze group cricketers will be priced differently. The most expensive cricketers will be placed in the Platinum Group.



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