If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom in the years to come, you might want to consider modern accents for your room. This year, wood look or timber-look tiles are popular. Laminate flooring is another popular choice, as well as natural lighting. The key to a beautiful bathroom is to incorporate both contemporary and traditional design elements. You can even upcycle and repurpose old kitchen cupboards, which can double as bathroom storage.

Modern Bathroom Accents

If you’re considering a new look for your bathroom in 2022, there are a few design trends you should consider. Monochromatic color schemes with many white and gray tones are in. Wood and stone are popular accents in modern bathroom design. Wall-mounted storage cabinets and elegant bath accessories create a spacious room. New geometric designs such as spheres and egg-shaped shapes open new design horizons. Rugged angles and structures are also being eliminated in favor of organic shapes and textures.

While neutral tones such as grey are popular in home remodeling trends, warm tones are gaining ground. Warm wood accents are popular and can complement any color. They pair well with industrial and vintage trends and add a traditional touch to modern bathrooms. You can choose from a variety of wood accents for your bathroom, including vintage-style wood. Wood can also be used in unique ways to create a modern space, highlighting the connection between nature and its inhabitants.

Wood-Look Or Timber-Look Tiles

If you’re planning to redo your bathroom in the coming years, you might want to consider using timber look or wood look tiles. Besides looking great, they’re also easier to clean. Wood-look tiles have thinner grout lines and graining that make dirt less noticeable. They also match well with a variety of wall colors and can be used for floors, walls, or both. Wood-look tiles are also a great choice for bathrooms because they’re neutral and versatile. Just be sure to pick textured tiles that resist slips and scuffs.

If you want to make your bathroom appear more spacious, choose a freestanding basin. This style will give your bathroom a unique character. The hottest bathroom tile trends for 2022 will be those with a natural, organic texture. These tiles can be oblong or organic and complement the natural colors and textures in a modern bathroom. By choosing these tiles, you can give your bathroom a sleek and modern look that complements your overall theme.

Laminate Flooring

The most prominent trend in bathroom renovations in 2022 is laminate flooring. This type of flooring is relatively inexpensive and closely resembles the look of natural wood. It is made of byproducts of wood and is waterproof. Thick planks of laminate are resistant to warping. Laminate flooring is available in many colors, finishes, sizes, and designs. The installation process is also relatively easy and requires little skill or experience.

Wood-look flooring has long been a staple in bathrooms, but the trend has only recently been made popular in the kitchen. Waterproof laminate is now available in the market that mimics trending hardwood styles. In addition, it looks incredibly stylish and is the ideal material for bathrooms. Here are some trends that will make laminate flooring the most popular choice for bathroom renovations in 2022:

Natural Light

One of the latest trends in bathroom renovations will be the incorporation of natural light. More than eighty percent of homeowners plan to update their light fixtures to create a brighter bathroom. While gold finishes and black fixtures remain popular choices for stylish accents, white glass and LED lighting will be gaining ground. Self-lit vanity mirrors will be popular choices for brightening up the bathroom in 2022, and a recent NKBA report also points to the rise of sustainable LED lighting.

A bathroom with large windows is a great way to add natural light and make a space feel more expansive. A good way to add natural light is by incorporating plants and large windows in your bathroom. A lot of homeowners have limited space, so they can opt to make their bathroom larger to create a more inviting environment. By adding more natural light, you can add more natural light and make your bathroom feel connected to the outdoors.

Compact Storage Options

Choosing the right storage solution for your bathroom is an important aspect of your bathroom renovation. While the basics like shelves and cabinets will always work, you can also look for more sophisticated options that fit your bathroom design. In addition to DIY projects, you can also find plenty of storage solutions at stores such as IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target. Here are five ideas to save space in your bathroom:

One of the most popular trends in bathrooms in 2022 is minimalism. By eliminating unnecessary storage, you can have a more relaxing bathroom with less stuff. In addition to this, you can opt for natural stone flooring and built-in lighting to create a unique look. For example, if you want to give your bathroom a natural look, you can add stone floor tiles. They also look gorgeous when combined with a stylish vanity.

Patterned Tile

In 2022, the trend for patterned tiles in bathrooms will continue to increase in popularity. In addition to the classic rectangular shape, a variety of geometric shapes and sizes will be popular in the bathroom. Hexagonal tiles are also making a comeback, and you can find them in all shapes, colors, and textures. These tiles are particularly suited for the shower floor. Despite their playful design, they don’t overpower a bathroom.

Large format wall tile will continue to be popular in bathrooms, but a larger size will be more common than before. Tile sizes larger than 12 inches are now available in many manufacturers. Large-format tiles are also popular in bathrooms with limited space and can create a feeling of openness in a small space. And because they are larger than regular tiles, they don’t have the high grout lines that smaller tiles do.


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