Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) encrypt and protect your connection data on the Internet. Using a VPN allows you to protect and hide your IP address as well as your data. A VPN secures the data that travels between you and your business. Similarly, a VPN service provider protects your anonymity as well as your personal information.

What is a VPN and how does it work?

VPN connections are sometimes referred to as “tunneling”. Generally speaking, it involves installing some type of software on your computer and using it to connect to the VPN service.

This service can be a corporate network or a private server that you go through to access the Internet. Access to a VPN service requires authentication, i.e. you must have a username and password to access the network. This protects your connection so that only you can access the service.

After logging in, the connection between your computer and the server network is secure. The server administrator can limit access to services (server side), but you have much the same access as if you were authenticated locally. All data is encrypted between your computer and the server, and this is especially important when accessing private networks on the Internet.

The benefits of VPN connections for your business

SMBs as well as large companies have every interest in using VPN connections. These allow employees who work from home to connect to the internet via a private network while protecting their IP address. A VPN service like iTop VPN protects both the company and the employee. The software is usually installed onthe employee’s computer if not installed yet you must download vpn grĂ¡tis, and the employee uses the service to perform their daily tasks in the same way as if they were identified locally.

VPN services are also interesting for private Internet users. If you’re looking to boost your anonymity online, VPN providers offer a way to access the web through a “tunnel” service. You connect to the VPN service and then connect to the Internet from the VPN service.

This type of access masks your online communications (by masking your IP address) through data encryption. In addition, the VPN’s IP address is displayed instead of yours when you connect to a website. In other words, when you browse from site to site, your personal IP address is invisible.

Also, online marketers sometimes need a foreign IP address to check a site’s ranking in a search engine or use tools that are only available in certain countries. VPN services thus provide another IP address allowing you to “appropriate” this address in the country of your choice.

For example, if you want to connect to a site or service accessible only in the United States, you can use a VPN service in the United States to access it. When checking a site’s listing in a search engine for a particular country, the VPN helps to examine statistical data from the target country.

Using iTop VPN service has several advantages, the general principle is to protect your privacy by encrypting the data passing between your computer and the target server. With the help of a iTopvpn, you strengthen the protection of your data and ensure your online anonymity.


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