If you’re craving for some Southern chicken and biscuits, you can always head on up to Bojangles’. The costs are reasonable for the most part (view Bojangles menu prices here) and you sure have lots of delicious options.

But you may be paying for these treats with your health, if you keep ordering the menu items that just won’t fit into a healthy lifestyle. To make sure you’re keeping to a healthy diet, try to stick to these menu items instead.

2-Piece Dinner (Breast & Wing) with Choice Of 2 Fixin’s

Okay, this comes with 2 pieces of chicken. That’s not all bad, considering that you’ll less likely to be hungry after this order. That reduces the risk of snacking in between meals.

You’re also getting 42g of protein. That’s good for muscle-building, and again, it also sates your appetite. It’s also a good thing that this only comes with 540 calories. That’s even a good number of calories for those on a weight-loos diet. Even the 7.5g of saturated fat isn’t all that bad.

Perhaps the only real negative here is the sodium level, which is alarmingly high at 2,280mg. That’s basically your allotted sodium intake for the day. But then again, what did you expect with Southern fried chicken?

For the Fixin’s (aka the side dishes), go with green beans and the Cajun Pintos. You don’t get too much fat, but you get fiber that also helps to make you feel full.

1-Breast Chicken Dinner with Choice Of 2 Fixin’s

If just a single chicken piece is enough for you, then it’s a much better deal for your diet. You go down to only 440 calories and 5g of saturated fat, and you still get the 37g of protein.

But taking out that chicken wing still leaves you with a rather high 2,090mg of sodium. This doesn’t really work for those on a low-sodium diet. You’re still sure to exceed your daily sodium limit with the food for the rest of the day.

Chicken Leg

This comes with only 100 calories, 2g of saturated fat, 5g of carbs, and even just 250mg of sodium. And you also get 9g of protein.

If you can actually feel full with just this order, then good for you. But you may want to get some good side dishes to really make sure you feel full afterwards.

5-Piece Roasted Chicken Bites

These chicken bites are not coated and fried, which explains why you’re only loaded with 125 calories. You also get zero saturated fat, just 5g of carbs, and only 650mg od sodium. With 20g of protein, this is a good choice.

Again, the numbers change once you add the biscuit.

Green Beans

Let’s take a closer look at this Fixin’. This small bowl of greens only comes with a measly 40 calories, zero fat, just 8g of carbs, and even an extra 2g of protein.

Of course, there’s still that 740mg of sodium you’re adding to your meal. But that’s not too bad, considering you’re in a fast-food joint.

Cajun Pintos

You do get 120 calories here, which is still low but that’s 3 times the calorie content of the green beans. At least the sodium level is lower at 660mg, and you still get zero fat plus an extra 5g of protein. In addition, you also take in plenty of fiber to make you feel full.


This isn’t for those opting for a low-carb diet, as it packs 19g of carbs. But you only get 80 calories, zero fat, and even zero sodium to go with an extra 2g of protein.

Mashed Potatoes ‘N Gravy

With 120 calories, you’re getting only half the calorie content of the small seasoned fries. Also, you’re taking in some much-needed potassium and vitamin C that are good for your health.

It does come with 2g of saturated fat, 17g of carbs, and 536g of sodium.

Garden Salad

This may be a nice alternative to the side dishes already mentioned, or you can add it to your meal to get more greens in your diet. It’s quite light at only 160 calories, with just 6g of saturated fat and an impressively low 220mg of sodium. Plus, you’re also getting an additional 10g of protein.

It’s just that the calories and sodium numbers don’t take the dressing or croutons into account, so be careful. You may want those on the side, so you can control your portion intake.

Grilled Chicken Salad

This may be a good addition to your 1-piece chicken order, since you’re getting more chicken. This time, the chicken is grilled instead of fried, and that’s a healthier option. This order gets you only 290 calories, 7g of saturated fat, and 730mg of sodium, along with a solid 32g of protein.

Again, be wary of the salad dressings. To be safe, stick to the fat-free Italian dressing, and reduce your dressing intake.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

If you’re just looking for a single sandwich for lunch, then this is a good choice. It already has some greens (lettuce and tomatoes) so you might not even want a side dish. You get 470 calories and only 3g of saturated fat, while the 940mg of sodium isn’t terrible. And you’re getting 28g of protein.

With the other sandwiches, the numbers for the saturated fat and sodium are much worse!


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