When you are a team of two at work, your roles and responsibilities are clear. Team communication is pretty effective too. All you need is to poke your teammate with an elbow:

“What’s up pal?”

Syncing up with a team gets far more complicated as the company grows. Team communication software gets messy and hard to control – you chat on Facebook, Skype, and maybe sometimes on WhatsApp.

Important docs get lost taking away your precious time on finding them. You don’t feel like work gets done anymore.

Sounds familiar?

It’s time for a tool that would organize team communication and bring it all to one place.

Our team at Chanty is working hard on our own team communication app. Naturally, we’ve come across a number of competitors and made in-depth analyses of different apps. As a result, we put together a list of the most reliable team communication tools available along with their pros and cons to make it much easier for you to make a decision.

Now it’s time to take a look at the top team communication tools:

1. Chanty

It wouldn’t be our blog if we didn’t start the list with an app that we are building. Chanty is a team collaboration tool featuring clear UI and intuitive UX. This makes it a great fit for all kinds of teams at work, even the ‘not so tech savvy’.

Chanty offers an unlimited messaging history. You can communicate in public, private and one-to-one conversations with your colleagues via text, audio/video calls and voice messages. Any message can be easily turned into a task and assigned to any team member.

Chanty also featurs a unique concept of ‘Teambook’ that organizes all of your communication. If you feel like your chat at work is becoming a ‘black hole’ you’ll definitely like Chanty where it’s super easy to find anything. Overall, getting work done is faster and easier with Chanty.

2. Brosix IM

Brosix IM is a team communication tool that specializes in private and fully administrable team networks. Brosix strives to provide an all-in-one collaboration package and comes with a range of features such as audio and video chat, p2p file transfer, dedicated chat rooms, and screen sharing. 

Special attention is paid to security and privacy on Brosix private networks, with end-to-end encryption of all communication channels and administrative control over who joins the network. This makes Brosix a good choice if you’re looking for a team communication tool with a high level of security. 

3. Slack

Slack is a popular app for team communication and collaboration featuring instant messaging, file sharing, audio/video calls, powerful search and the largest number of integrations among competitors.

4. Flock

Flock is a team communication tool from India featuring instant messages, multiple integrations, built-in to-dos and polls. Audio and video calls are available via integration with

5. ProofHub

ProofHub, unlike other team communication tools in the list, is an all-in-one project management and team communication tool. It comes into play when using multiple tools to chat, plan, organize and track work progress creates scattered data, distracted users, extra work, and no single place for performance overview. So, as syncing up with teams gets far more complicated as your company grows, you might as well decide to spend money and time on one tool instead of many. That’s where ProofHub shines.

6. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, as a part of the Office 365 package, is a team communication tool designed for enterprises. With its powerful, yet not very intuitive functionality, MS Teams offers instant chat, audio/video calls through Skype for Business and useful integrations with Microsoft Office 365 tools.

7. Skype for Business

It was 2014 when Lync, the Microsoft chat for business, was rebranded into Skype for Business. Today, Skype with its latest radical redesign is becoming more of a ‘hang out with your pals’ tool for millennials. This motivates companies that used Skype for work communication to switch to its paid product. Although it looks like Skype for Business will be replaced with Microsoft Teams soon, it’s alive and kicking for now.

8. Ryver

By uniting team communication with a task manager, Ryver introduces the free team communication tool with unlimited messages and data storage. The integration with Zapier lets you connect Ryver to more than 500 apps. It’s free till your team members start using tasks. The first 14 days you’ll receive premium services for free.

9. Fleep

Fleep lets you communicate with other Fleep users or even send an email to anyone via Fleep. A team in Fleep is equivalent to a private channel in Slack. Audio and video calls are available via the integration that allows up to 8 people in a call.


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