Any musician who shares their music with the world knows that it is the people who determine the popularity in this technological era. 

All of us who share our songs on Spotify, we would like to see statistics grow. We are basically obsessed with numbers, and all we want to know is how we can grow those numbers.  One such thing that we are paying attention to is our Spotify listening numbers. 

So, a topic that we want to introduce today is buy spotify monthly listeners. Because many people overlook this and underestimate how important it is, when actually, getting more monthly followers on Spotify can take you directly to success on Spotify. Any musician wants to see a rise in their Spotify monthly listeners, and at least once in their lifetime, they will wonder about the ways of increasing Spotify monthly listeners. But exactly why you would focus on your monthly listeners. 

Spotifys monthly listeners are important, as they provide the most realistic analysis of what is going on with your account, and how much interest there is for your music. After releasing your song, it goes through various stages, and the amount of listeners you receive each day changes constantly. 

So, making predictions on a songs success days after release is not only difficult, it is senseless. Sure, you can tell if people are into your songs once they are released, but measuring their future success is harder. 

Because of course, the amount of listeners that you will receive on a day-to-day basis is not going to be the same every week. No matter how this number changes — it goes up or down, obviously, monthly listener numbers are going to be much more generic and objective. So that also means, if you are going to buy spotify plays, getting more monthly Spotify listeners is the more consistent way of gathering an audience. If you want to make sure that your music gets the most exposure with your listeners, you will want to invest in monthly listeners. 

Buying monthly Spotify listeners is the true promotion method and it helps to promote your channel organically. Whether you are sharing music or podcasts on Spotify, this is sure to get you new audiences. The biggest advantage to this promotion method is that it may actually help you grow your fanbase. 

When you purchase monthly listeners on Spotify, not only will you receive more plays to your songs, you will have a chance to grow your audience. It is important to buy genuine listeners, because that way, there is always the possibility they will enjoy the music you are making and choose to follow. That way, you are not only improving your single-song stats, you are getting a new fan that will keep following all of your future songs and albums. 

If you have decided to purchase monthly listeners on Spotify, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, go with a credible platform. 

We know that it can be tempting to go for a service that offers the lowest prices, but trust us, you do not want to risk that. Only trusted services make sure that they are bringing your actual audience and actual listeners. 

It is important to realize that buying monthly Spotify listeners is not a matter of tricking everybody and improving just your stats numbers. It is about getting some actual exposure. 

It makes the most sense if you are getting plays from actual people, which is exactly what you are getting with the use of a good platform. Another thing is not to feel bad about buying followers on Spotify.

Spotify counts listeners as monthly listeners only if they streamed one of your songs within the last 28 days. Spotify only counts a listener as a listener once, but it will count more streams by that listener if they keep listening to stream your music beyond the 30-second mark. Spotify streams are counted when listeners stream your music for longer than 30 seconds. Whenever anyone hits the 30-second mark, Spotify For Artists Listen Now count increases, and the next day, you will see a new Stream for a song on your Spotify For Artists Dashboard. 

If you choose different time periods, such as weekly, Spotify will show you how many streams and listeners you have received in the specified time frame. For monthly listeners, Spotify For Artists uses a 28-day rolling window, since there are varying numbers of days in the calendar month. This is the time line for artists with the most monthly listeners on audio streaming platform Spotify, as of September 2015, when the feature was made available to the public. We started tracking how many monthly listeners hard rock and heavy metal artists had on Spotify. 

After getting your tongues twisted with a Matrix pun, you might be interested in knowing that we finally launched our service allowing you to purchase Spotify monthly listeners for your artists accounts in an effort to reach new listeners. In October 2021, CKay, another Nigerian singer, became the first African artist to reach 30+ million monthly Spotify listeners. Streaming is one of the most efficient ways of getting your music out into the world, and the number of monthly listeners reflects an artists popularity directly. 

Spotify Monthly Listeners are the unique Spotify users that have listened to your music over the course of a 28-day period (regardless of the number of times said listener plays your tracks) as opposed to Spotify Plays, which is another measure, that is, the number of times the unique listener plays your tracks (whether songs or podcasts) at least once over a 28-day period. Spotifys algorithm looks at your monthly active (usually 28-day) listeners to gauge how engaged your users are. Tracking trends from the program for monthly listeners gives you a great sense of what your music is going to be like for longer periods, as well as helping you to figure out overall engagement and listener behaviour following the release of a new piece. 

You are going to need tons of listeners and plays to get your profile on top. It is worth noting the listener count can go way overboard. 

Streams achieved through songs listed under Spotifys “Appears On” section are unaffected by this ranking and these milestone statistics, and are still shown within the “Featured” column. This ranking shows Spotifys best artists by streams of tracks that are available within the albums, singles, and compilations sections of their individual pages.


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