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Organic Traffic


Eighty percent of SEO experts agree that link-building is an effective method to incorporate into your marketing plan. But in case you’re not sure which strategies for building backlinks work, you’ll be unable to get quality backlinks.

Backlinks are without doubt one of the most significant elements when it comes down to website rankings done by Google. Of course, there are different aspects to be paying attention to and make sure you don’t make mistakes. 

If you acquire low-quality, poor-quality backlinks, your website could suffer a loss of visitors. Let’s look at the six most essential methods to get backlinks for your site.

Reclaim non-linked mentions

The most fundamental and straightforward way to increase your SEO ranking by building backlinks is to get back mentions. In simple terms, take note of all mentions that are made of your business. 

It is possible to do this on a complimentary basis, either through Google its search engine or by registering an application that costs money, such as Mentions or BuzzSumo, and gaining access to more statistics.

If you find that the blogger or the website owner doesn’t include an URL to your site when they mention you, it is possible to request them to reconsider. It could give their visitors an improved experience (as they’ll be able to go to your website instantly). In addition, you’ll gain additional bandwidth. However you view it, this is a win-win for everyone.

If you’ve found a highly similar site that has broken links to outbound, do not be afraid to contact the owner and suggest they change the link to redirect visitors to one of your sites. Utilizing this approach is another instance of how everyone wins using the correct method. You’ll get an excellent new backlink. The owner can also repair broken content, and users get better service.

Help A Reporter Out

Have you heard about HARO in the past? If you didn’t, HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. It’s a site where journalists visit when they require help creating an article.

Journalists go to HARO to ask questions, and if you assist them in answering their questions and get them to answer, you could be eligible for a free press. It makes HARO an ideal location to obtain high-quality backlinks to your site.

It won’t lead to many backlinks for your site; However, the backlinks you do receive will help increase traffic since these are highly regarded and well-known sites.

To answer these questions and help reporters the way, all you need to do is sign-up and select the ones you know about and receive their daily emails from journalists. You can then spend anywhere from half an hour to an hour every week responding to questions and receiving those quality links to you.

Make sure you promote your content.

The moment you press publish on your piece of content, that’s when you should begin to promote it. The best content will not earn many backlinks on itself; unless you are able, you can give your content that additional boost.

Instead of using all the various social media channels, we’ll use one of our favorite tools that we’ve used in this post quite a bit: Google. We’ll look up “keyword(s) plus roundup” to get this trick. From the drop-down menu on Google, select “Past week” or “Past month” to see only the most recent results.

If you look through the various results on Google, it is possible to find websites that have recently done an overview of relevant content to the keyword you are searching for. The next step would be to contact the author of those articles. 

Naturally, when you reach out to the person who wrote these articles, make sure to add an introduction for your site and include an email with a hyperlink to one of your most popular guides or tutorials. 

There’s a good chance they’ll like your content and are likely to include it when they publish their following collection. Every writer is seeking great material, and you’ve helped them out.

Create infographics

In the present world of visuals, infographics are among the most well-known ways to bring visitors to your site and gain backlinks. One of the significant reasons why infographics are famous is that they aid users in comprehending a topic quickly. Additionally, it also makes sharing the content easier since people love visual data do they not?

Select the content you’d like to make available through an infographic with care. The infographics you create must tell an original and engaging story for your viewers. Take a look at the current trends in topics, or perhaps you could transform one of your most successful content into a more digestible format.

Even if you can’t design graphics yourself, isn’t a reason to hinder you from making infographics. Through platforms like Dribble or Fiverr, you will be able to locate reputable creators who can design your infographics. Do not try to make your infographics cheap you’re looking for an excellent quality to increase the chances of virality and gain more backlinks.

When you have the infographic ready, you must make it simple for anyone to make it easy to share the infographic.

Be a source for yourself.

A crucial method to increase the number of reputable backlinks is to be an authoritative source for other publishers. You can accomplish this by creating quality content worth sharing or referencing by different publishers. Then, each time you achieve this, you’ll earn a backlink!

Imagine that you’re competent in delivering high-quality content. If so, you’ll realize how easy it is.

Be aware that quality isn’t the only factor to consider because you’ll also have to be able to respond quickly. If you don’t, the publisher might select a different source!

Write guest blog posts.

Guest posting is a viral backlinking strategy. Seventy-five percent of SEO Audit Services build backlinks by using guest posts.

The great thing about guest postings is that they do more than aid in generating backlinks; they help establish your reputation as a respected authority on a specific subject.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to reach an entirely new market and demonstrate your worth to your company.

And, because content creation is time-consuming, It’s generally much simpler to convince websites to incorporate your backlink if you’re offering free content.

Similar to the method as HARO could get you mentioned on other websites; Another option is creating guest blog blogs. Guest blogging is among the most efficient ways to connect with new readers. 

If you write articles for different websites, it will get your content seen by an entirely new audience and get more exposure. Alongside the additional advantage of linking back to your site, it will also boost your online presence and followers on social media.


That’s it—six straightforward strategies to increase the number of backlinks to your site. Making a great product or service or writing excellent content does not guarantee that people will discover your site and link to it. If you’re looking to increase traffic, you need to be active.

When you follow any of these strategies, you’ll see that you’ll get more backlinks. The more backlinks you have will bring more traffic to your website and a rise in the traffic that refers to your site.


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