Operating system choices drive the capitalization of the hosting platform. Also, people with expertise in a respective OS can more easily operate and manage their servers. Linux and Windows being the big shots of the OS industry, have the most competition. One is open-source, and the other is closed-source. Thus both vary in price and in being people’s choices. Therefore, today we are to explore their viability for Asp Net. So let’s get into the details and check whether ‘Can ASP NET run on a Linux server’ is a Yes or a No.

What is Asp.Net?

ASP is an acronym for Active server pages. ASP NET is Microsoft’s Microsoft online application framework, mostly working on the server-side and creating dynamic web applications and websites. It is open-source and supports a number of programming languages on the framework.

ASP NET can run on Linux servers

The common notion is that ASP NET being a Microsoft technology will work on Windows only. However, it isn’t like that. The technological advancements and Microsoft initiatives itself has sorted out such problems.

For instance, you can install the .NET Core runtime on the Linux servers. Also, the host can use the SQL Server database, such as MySQL. Doing so enables the web host or hosting server to host the applications built using ASP NET. So the answer to ‘Can ASP NET run on a Linux server’ is a yes.

Now let’s have a glance at the technical aspect. First, the .Net itself is fully cross-platform. So it doesn’t depend on a specific architecture. In addition, Asp Net Vnext, aka Asp Net Core, is cross-platform and supports built-in Dependency Injection. Also, ASP NET Core web and app products can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. So no worries about ASP NET web and app performance on a platform other than Windows.

Linux is an open-source and easy-to-handle platform, so web owners and web hosts preferably have Linux OS and Linux Hosting. However, from now on, you need to confine your options to Linux or Windows only for ASP NET.

ASP NET can definitely and efficiently run on Windows Servers 

Windows undoubtedly is the Microsoft invented technology, so it is compatible with the ASP NET prerequisites. Be it the developmental or hosting conditions. So the reason behind web-savvies prioritizing the Windows servers is its robust optimization for ASP NET websites and applications.

For instance, it supports the major databases and programming languages, including PHP, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, and more. Specifically, delineating the ASP, Windows supports the ASP Upload, classic ASP, ASP.NET framework 3.5, 4.7, and 4.8, and ASP Jpeg. Plus, on Windows, you need not configure the required tech functionalities externally.

So what’s best for Asp Net from Linux or Windows?

Well, the answer is pretty apparent, and that is none other than Windows.

Linux is an open-source operating system, while Windows is a closed-source operating system and is marketed by Microsoft.

In principle, Windows server offers more range and more support than Linux servers.Also, it gives you the freedom to work in a Windows environment. So convenience and programming support are the key influencing factors for driving the practicability of Windows for Asp Net.

Therefore, Windows serves best for ASP NET than Linux.

Why not try the ASP Net Hosting?

So the best solution is to hook up with the Best ASP Net Hosting. Opting for such hosting services eliminates the need to find and configure your desired tech commodities. This ready-to-go hosting environment lets you seamlessly host your latest ASP and .NET core version. Further, one can switch the version as per the requirements at any time and maintain the application architecture.

The noticeable feature of Asp Net Hosting is the single Click installation of ASP NET applications and the right control panel to manage your website.

Dot net core hosting, whether ASP Net Hosting or Asp.net Hosting Providers, offers a lot of benefits. Although ASP Net Hosting and Asp Net MVC vary in the architectural pattern of development, they are equivalently in use and deliver superior performance. So using these frameworks-ready hosting and the best suitable OS can be the best bet to walk.

When it concerns the hosting plans, you will come across a range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars monthly. Also, you can get your chosen shared or dedicated servers to host your Asp Net web product.

To Sum Up!

Summarizing the discussion on can ASP NET run on a Linux server? Also, which one is best, Windows or Linux. More facts to come in the way, the cross-platform feature of ASP NET core makes it easy to use the asp net product on all platforms, let alone Linux.

NavicoSoft is a Dot net core hosting expert and offers the best ASP Net Hosting and Asp Net MVC hosting. Be it the small to huge building web applications and APIs or parallel development maneuvers. 

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