DiolPure products contain PureForm CBD. PureForm Global is a manufacturer of synthetic cannibioids. DiolPure products use pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids for the pharmaceutical industry and for makers of practioner-grade products. DiolPure products contain CBD or cannabidiol. Our products are not derived from the cannabins plant. We use CBD made from aromatic citrus terpenes, the natural compounds that give all plants their characteristic smell.

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Producing CBD from non-hemp sources guarantees no THC in DiolPure products. CBD made by ‘Cyclic Terpene Assembly’ instead of extracted from the cannabis plant keeps DiolPure products free from pesticide residue, and free of all possible soil contaminants, notably heavy metals, and free of any pesticide residue. Makers of CBD recognise that agricultural production of cannabinoid products is not the way of the future. Manufacturing non-cannabis cannabinoids like CBD guarantees purity. Non-hemp cannabinoids are economical to produce in large quantities for LeafandHemp.

CBD cream for back pain is one useful and popular CBD product. CBD tinctures and gummies are a sleep aid for many people. DiolPure products contain PureForm CBD to help calm people who feel they have mood problems. CBD for skin problems is very popular. CBD helps in many skin disorders. CBD works by interacting with the body’s ‘endo-cannabinoid’ system. The endo-cannabinoid system is part of the body’s onboard cell-signaling network. CBD binds selectively with 2 neural receptor sites, spoken of as CB1 and CB2. Researchers speculate that there may be additional, unknown, neural receptor sites. CBD also binds at neural receptor sites other than the cannabinoid receptors. CBD is not psychoactive. CBD is not habit-forming. CBD works with the central nervous system, where there are cannabinoid receptors, and with receptors on other cells, as far away as the immune system. CBD has been shown to help in memory consolidation. The endocannabinoid system functions in memory and cognition. CBD may have pharmaceutical use in treating sufferers of PTSD. CBD has been shown to help in anxiety. CBD is an anxiolytic. Properly managed, there are few or no side effects with CBD. CBD is good for the whole family.

DiolPure CBD tinctures go into food and beverages easily, with no bad taste. Nearly one third of Americans use CBD or have used CBD. DiolPure’s CBD is consistently pure, and always safe. PureForm CBD used in DiolPure products is produced by doctors, for doctors. PureForm CBD goes into DiolPure pain relief gel. CBD is part of DiolPure remedies for different kinds of pain. The FDA recognises that CBD is a useful ingredient in pharmaceutical products. DiolPure CBD contains no mycotoxins, no fillers, no neurotoxins, and no THC. Menthol pain relief cream is a popular DiolPure product that contains PureForm CBD. PureForm CBD has won 3 awards from the Clean Label Project for purity. DiolPure uses only pure CBD, not produced from hemp. People enjoy the convenience of DiolPure CBD gummies. CBD can help regulate physical health and mental health. CBD oil may help some people with depression. CBD may help some people with anxiety. CBD may help some people manage stress. CBD holds great promise in pharmaceuticals. There is experimental evidence for CBD as a health aid.


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