Let’s Play Indoor offers safe and reliable child minding services, which means you don’t have to worry about your child while they’re playing at our center. We work hard to make sure every parent who chooses to bring their children here feels like they can trust us with their most precious belongings – their children! Find out why choosing the child minders at Lets Play Indoor will be one of the best decisions you make for your child this year.

Why child minding is important

1. It can provide a safe and structured environment for children to play in.

2. It can help to develop social skills and improve behaviour.

3. It can give parents peace of mind knowing their children are being looked after.

4. It can allow parents to have some free time to themselves.

5. It can provide an opportunity for children to make new friends.

6. It can help children to learn new things and develop new interests.

7. It can provide a sense of security and routine for children.

Reap the benefits by bringing children

1. When you bring your children to Let’s Play Indoor, they can explore and play in a safe, clean environment.

2. Our child minders are experienced and attentive, so you can be sure your children are in good hands.

3. Child minding services give you the opportunity to take a break, run errands, or even enjoy some adult time while knowing your children are being cared for.

4. Our rates are affordable, and we offer discounts for families who book multiple sessions per week.

5. We also offer a loyalty program for our regular customers.

6. In addition to child minding services, we also offer a range of classes and activities for children of all ages.

Get your kids ready for school

At Lets Play Indoor, we believe that getting your kids ready for school is a top priority. We offer child minding services that can help take the stress out of mornings and evenings, giving you more time to spend with your family. Our child minders are experienced and qualified, and they love working with kids! We know that having someone you can trust to care for your children is important, which is why we only hire the best.

Enjoy date night without distractions

It can be difficult to find a reliable babysitter on short notice. And even if you do, it’s not always easy to relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your child is home with a stranger. But when you use a child minder at Lets Play Indoor, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Our experienced and qualified staff will make sure your child is safe and entertained while you’re out enjoying some well-deserved adult time.

Find child care provider you can trust

When you’re looking for a child care provider, it’s important to find someone you can trust. Here are some tips to help you find the right child care provider for your family:

1. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they have any recommendations for child care providers in your area.

2. Do your research. Check out their websites, read online reviews, and call the references they provide.

3. Ask about credentials and experience. When you talk to potential child care providers, be sure to ask about their credentials and experience.

Have fun as a family

At Lets Play Indoor, we believe that families should have fun together. Thats why we offer child minding services so that you can enjoy our facilities worry-free. Our experienced and attentive staff will take care of your children while you play, giving you the peace of mind to relax and have a good time.

In addition to providing a safe and fun environment for your children, our child minding services can also give you some much-needed time to connect with your partner or friends. So come on down and lets play!

Gain confidence in your abilities as parents

There are many benefits to having a child minder at Lets Play Indoor. For one, it can help give parents the confidence they need in their abilities. After all, raising children is not easy and it can be helpful to have someone else there to lend a hand.

Additionally, child minders can provide valuable assistance with things like potty training and learning how to eat solid foods. They can also help teach children basic manners and social skills. Ultimately, having a child minder at Lets Play Indoor can help make the parenting journey a little bit easier.


In conclusion, child minding at Lets Play Indoor can provide many benefits for both children and parents. It can give children a safe place to play while parents can get some much-needed time to themselves. Additionally, it can help build social skills in children and provide parents with peace of mind knowing their child is being cared for by a professional.

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