China claims to have successfully tested technology to destroy enemy missiles in mid-air. The country’s defense ministry said tests of the medium-range surface-to-air missile defense system had “achieved the desired goal”.

According to a Reuters report, China has recently stepped up research into all types of missiles. This includes everything from the destruction of satellites in space to the defense of ballistic missiles carrying atomic bombs. The research is part of President Xi Jinping’s ambitious modernization project.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that tests of the medium-range ballistic missile had been carried out that night, destroying the medium-range missile. In this test they have reached the desired goal. This test is defensive. The test was not aimed at any country. The statement did not elaborate.

Earlier, Beijing test-fired a missile defense system that destroyed a missile in mid-air. The last official announcement of such an examination came in February 2021.

China and its ally Russia have opposed the deployment of the US missile-destroyer Thad in South Korea.


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