Practical Tips
Practical Tips

Before we discuss choosing an implementation partner, let us first understand what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is about.

You can regard it as a suite of intelligent business applications provided by Microsoft. The software helps you to run almost all the functions of your business. 

Moreover, the software also helps improve business performance through predictive insights. 

The software includes all the traditional aspects of the ERP and CRM. 

The key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics365 are:

  • Integration with all Microsoft ERP, CRM & BI App suites
  • Reliable business platform
  • Integration with Power Platform
  • A wide range of applications with seamless Office 365 integration
  • Allows leveraging the highly secure Microsoft Cloud technology
  • Brings data from all applications to one place
  • Up-to-date software and services 
  • Device-independent
  • Notable expansion possibilities with Microsoft business suites
  • On-premise infrastructure maintenance
  • Pay as you go licensing and deployment options
  • Quick and cost-effective implementation

Why Choose the Right Implementation Partner?

If you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics365 in your company, you must choose the right implementation partner. 

Choosing the right partner is essential because of the resultant impact on the success of the project and the rollout. 

Microsoft has implementation partners in each geography. So, suppose you run your business in the UAE, you need to choose a Microsoft Dynamics partner UAE

Likewise, you need to select one of the Microsoft Dynamics partners in Dubai if you run your business in Dubai.

Although the software product is the same, the implementation method apart from support can vary among different implementation partners. 

Remember, while the right partner can make your implementation, the wrong one can break it. 

With the right partner, your project will stay on track and help you accomplish your goals. 

Therefore, you need to make efforts to choose the right implementation partner. And to choose the right partner, you need to consider the following factors:


Examining the competency of your prospective implementation partner is the first thing to do. And it is not difficult to assess the competency. 

When you select a partner, ensure that their competency matches your requirements.

Relevant Experience

The next factor to consider is the experience of your prospective implementation partner. Remember, the experience indicates exposure to the nitty-gritty aspects of industries. So, more is the experience; more is the worthiness of the prospective partner. 

Microsoft categorizes partners based on its certification program, distinguishing partners in three categories: Gold, Silver, and Member.

Microsoft does the segmentation based on the number and size of deals executed by the partner annually.

To ensure that your prospective partner has the requisite experience, you can ask for client testimonials and references from similar businesses.

If you find the past clients speaking well about your prospective implementing partner, you can regard the partner as worthy of engaging for your business. Customer satisfaction is also an indication of good quality service.

Number of Implemented Projects

Check the number of successful projects completed by the prospective partner. Again, here too, the more, the better.

At the same time, more successful projects also indicate a partner’s competency.

You can ask your prospective partner about the number of successful projects he completed in the past. 

In this context, examine the nature of your business. If you operate in multiple geographies, engage a partner with experience in different geographies. 

Therefore, try to engage a partner with extensive implementing experience, especially in your line of business.

Also, engage a partner who wants to understand your pain points and your unique business needs before carrying out the implementation.


You should not engage an implementation partner straightaway. Instead, you should consider a slew of factors. It will create a foundation for you to spot the right partner Learn More


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