Located at an altitude of 2,270 meters and with a long history of being a Buddhist monastery, Gulmarg is also the world’s highest golf course and the home of the Skiing and Adventure Park known as the Skiing and Adventure Park in Gulmarg, which is owned by the government of India.

Gulmarg is a small town and you may not get a clear picture of the place as it can be a busy place during the weekends. However, most of the hotels in Gulmarg are available all the time and you can easily stay there for a few days before you visit the other parts of Kashmir. You can visit this place on your own and travel from there to any other place.

Best time to visit

Though the best time to visit Gulmarg is all around the year, there are some best time to visit this place. The winter months of November to February are the best time To visit this place as you will get to experience the best weather here. The temperatures in Gulmarg during the winter are around -10 to 4 degrees Celsius. The place receives a lot of rain during the monsoon period and the roads are slippery. You can plan a trip to Gulmarg during summer months from May to July. During this period, the temperature is usually around 20-25 degrees Celsius. The winters of November to February are the best months to visit Gulmarg and it will be the snowiest place in India.

How to reach

Gulmarg is well-connected to all major cities in India through bus and taxi services. It takes about 4 hours of travel time from Srinagar. You can reach by bus from all major parts of the Valley. You can easily hire a taxi to visit this place from Srinagar, Muzaffarabad, Banihal, Leh, Kargil, Srinagar, etc. The journey takes about 4 hours from Srinagar. You can also take an air-conditioned jeep from Srinagar to Gulmarg, which takes about 4 hours.

Gulmarg has a railway station with good number of trains, though the train is not very frequent. You can go to Srinagar railway station or Leh railway station and then take the local bus from there.

A private vehicle from Srinagar to Gulmarg is also available, as you can hire a taxi, an AC vehicle or a sedan depending upon your budget. You can also go to Gulmarg through a private car. However, be warned that if you hire a private vehicle, you will have to follow the rules and regulations of the police during your journey.


There are good number of hotels in Gulmarg. These include the Best Western Hotel, The Lodges at Gulmarg, Hotel Blue Sea, Hotel Ritz, Camp Anamosa, etc. The best hotels in Gulmarg are located at the center of the town and are usually expensive. If you stay at a cheap hotel, you will be staying in rooms that are usually not well-maintained. You should prefer staying in the good hotels if you do not wish to miss out on the best hotels of Gulmarg.

The rooms in good hotels in Gulmarg are usually clean and have good facilities, air-conditioner, good bed and bedding, etc. Some of the rooms in the good hotels in Gulmarg have satellite TVs, a refrigerator, DVD players, etc. You can ask for discounts in some hotels if you ask in advance.

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Gulmarg, you will be able to find them at several places. You can stay at the best dhabas, hotels, and camps in the Valley if you look in the right place.

How to plan a trip

You will get plenty of information about your accommodation at various places while you plan your trip to Gulmarg. When you plan your trip to Gulmarg, you will find plenty of information on the internet about this place. If you are travelling to Gulmarg from Srinagar and have booked your accommodation, you will be able to know the distance and driving time to get from one place to the other. You will know the time you have to reach Gulmarg after reaching your accommodation.

You can contact hotels in Gulmarg to know about their services and the facilities available. You will also be able to find a guide who will help you with the activities and things to do in the area. If you wish to go skiing or have any adventure activities, you will have to hire a local guide who can speak the language of the locals. You can also hire a local guide if you wish to go sightseeing in Gulmarg.

You can hire a guide in advance if you know which activities you want to do. You can also plan your stay in Gulmarg depending on the season. You can plan your trip to Gulmarg for all four seasons: summer, winter, monsoon and autumn. You can book your hotels at these seasons depending on the weather and the activities you wish to do.

What to do

There are several things that you can do in Gulmarg. You can go skiing courses in Gulmarg, ride the horse, go trekking, enjoy the views, etc. You can take a trip from Srinagar to Gulmarg by road and stop at some of the places along the way. There are several treks that you can take from Srinagar to Gulmarg. These include the following:

  • Trek to Chilla-Nalla Falls
  • Trek to Rohri Falls
  • Trek to Spangmik to Nandimath
  • Trek to Dharamshala
  • Trek to Narkanda
  • Trek to Rupin Point
  • Trek to Chandanwari
  • Trek to Nalding Lake
  • Hiking to Zoji La
  • Trek to Gulmarg Skiing and Adventure Park
  • Trek to Zoji La Nalla Camp

There are many treks that you can take from Srinagar to Gulmarg. Most of the treks will take about 3-4 hours, so it will not take too much


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