JPGs are compacted pictures that are far lower in size than other file formats such as PNG. To further reduce pdf size of your documents, use the pdf size reducer, which will instantly transform your file to PDF, compress it, and then reconvert it to image format.

How to Reduce pdf files for Free Online

  • Navigate to the reduction tool.
  • Drag your pdf file into the toolbox and select ‘Basic Compression.’
  • Wait for our programme to reduce pdf size of the file while it is in another format.
  • On the following page, select ‘to PDF.’
  • You are now ready to download your zipped PDF file.

Size and quality have been optimised.

Our online tool will guarantee that your documents are in great shape by deleting repeating patterns and reducing their size as much as feasible. While a standard pdf compressor would sacrifice part of your photographs’ quality in exchange for a reduced file size, we will ensure that the colour, formatting, and text-content are preserved.

You can continue the cycle if the generated file is not of the desired file size. However, during the second round, choose ‘Strong Compression.’ The higher compression level should reduce pdf size even further, albeit it may have an effect on the lossy compression quality of your PDF files.

Can I Have My PDF Files Removed From the Site?

You don’t have to be concerned that our pdf shrinker free tool will analyze our system every time a document is uploaded and erase any uploaded picture that has been up for more than an hour. During this time, feel free to experiment with compression rates until you find one that fits your needs.

Remember that, in addition to PDF documents, you may compress additional formats such as TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF. We’ll shrink the resulting file and save it as a PDF format for you!

Here are some pointers to help you reduce the size of your file:

PDF (Portable Document Format)

  • Recreate the PDF using the “smallest file size” option.
  • If you have photos, save them at 96 DPI resolution (dots per inch).
  • Remove any photos that aren’t essential.
  • File size and picture choices may be found in the advanced settings area of the software you are using.

To convert a JPG file to a reduced PDF file, 

  • First convert it to the PDF format.
  • Then Reduce the resolution of your scan (96 DPI).
  • Remove any extraneous space in the pdf file.
  • Then reduce pdf size.

Converting TIFF and PNG file formats to reduced PDF files.

  • Firstly, convert the  PNG file format to pdf format.
  • Then Reduce the resolution of your scan (96 DPI).
  • If there is more than extra space in the file that is not used, remove that space to reduce pdf size.
  • Then save the file in the PDF format.

DOC and DOCX file formats

  • Remove any extraneous pictures, formatting, or macros.
  • Save the file as a newer version of Word.
  • Reduce the picture file size before inserting it into the page.
  • If the file is still too huge, save it as a PDF.


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