Kitchen remodeling and design

With a few simple tweaks, a small kitchen can feel much larger than its size. The white ceramic tile backsplash and freshly painted cabinets make the room seem spacious, while new stainless-steel appliances and sleek cabinet hardware refresh the space. I replaced red linoleum flooring with neutral ceramic tile and warm butcher block countertops. To add more storage, move the refrigerator 13 inches to the right. Open shelves create additional storage space.

Adding a window

Adding a window to your kitchen can greatly improve its look and feel. Not only will the addition of a window give your kitchen more natural light, but it will also help you cook more comfortably. Adding a window will also help lower your energy costs. Moreover, a properly-installed window will allow the room to breathe more easily. To find the right window for your kitchen, consider its energy efficiency and size.

When considering adding a window to a small kitchen, remember that the window should be located on one side so that it does not block natural light. You can place kitchen shelves above a window to direct the light upward. You can also put shelves on the other side of the window to display your favorite decor items. Open shelving can also add a sense of depth to the room and keep everyday kitchen items at your fingertips.

Adding a moveable island

Adding a moveable island to remodeled kitchens can be a great way to maximize space. These islands can be customized to include a stove top, sink, and refrigerator. While having an island can be convenient for busy families, having more functionality means spending more money. This type of addition requires additional plumbing, electrical, and hardware. Consider your needs and goals before picking a design. Below are some considerations when planning a kitchen remodeling project.

Before deciding on a kitchen island, measure the space you have available. Then, play with different sizes until you find one that works in your kitchen. Consider how you will use it and make sure there is ample space around it for easy movement. If you plan to use the island as a workspace, consider adding shelves and bins to maximize the space. If you don’t plan to move the island often, a portable one is a great choice.

Repainting cabinets

Before painting your cabinets, you should remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Remove the hardware from the drawers and cabinet doors and label each one with its door number. If you’re painting multiple colors, you’ll need to do another round of site preparation. Remove all knobs, handles, and other hardware from the cabinet before you begin. This will ensure that the paint job goes smoothly. Reinstall the adjustable shelves after painting all cabinet surfaces.

If you’re tackling the project yourself, you can buy inexpensive paint sprays and use them to repaint your cabinets. But if you’re not handy, hiring a professional to do the job is your best option. But, it’s not as easy as it looks. To avoid a paint disaster, you should prepare yourself with the proper paint supplies and tools. Before painting, you should label the surfaces and use tape to protect the walls and floors.

Adding a backsplash

Adding a backsplash to a small kitchen can be an attractive way to improve the appearance of a space. A simple backsplash made of tile can make the space appear more spacious. A triangular design can also be used as a storage solution, preventing plates from getting scratched. The backsplash may also be made of any material, including marble, glass, or stone. If space is an issue, consider installing task lighting under the upper cabinets.

Traditionally, a kitchen backsplash consisted of tile that covered the walls between the counter and the upper cabinets. Today, however, many designers have moved away from that traditional design and have moved towards larger tile envelopes covering the entire wall. The look has also changed slightly, with designers riffing on classic designs such as subway tile and glass tile. Some designers are also turning to wallpaper as a backsplash material, which gives a room a contemporary yet classic appearance.

Adding an open shelving unit

Adding an open shelving unit for small kitchens can provide storage and hanging space for both your dishes and kitchen accessories. Open shelving is the perfect solution for small kitchens; it can span one wall or even extend to the ceiling. The key is to be creative and not be afraid of bending corners. Cabinetry hides things in dark corners, so open shelves are a great way to create a library without taking up valuable floor space.

In addition to being functional, open shelves make a bold statement in any room. They’re also more economical than enclosed storage, which can be tricky for small spaces. Open shelves are particularly suited to small spaces and will also help correct uneven proportions. Make sure to choose wood shelves that are chunky, as they give a strong look while also providing flexibility. This type of shelving is not right for every kitchen.

Adding a moveable peninsula

Adding a moveable peninsula to your kitchen is an excellent way to maximize your space. In addition to being functional, the peninsula also creates a place for dining, homework, or a buffet. The peninsula can also be retracted to provide additional seating or prep space. This design option is an excellent choice for small kitchens where space is at a premium. This versatile addition can also help you save money because it is easy to move from one spot to another.

A peninsula provides an efficient and clean transition between the kitchen and the dining area. This specialized unit is tagged onto an existing wall and extends into the kitchen space. A peninsula can include storage and seating and can keep the triangle of movement effective. However, a peninsula can also make your kitchen feel longer and more spacious. Whether you’re considering a traditional island or adding a peninsula to your space, a top-notch design-build company will be able to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


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