Are you scared of missing out on important meeting details because you couldn’t make notes? Haven’t you been always wanting to make 100% of the meeting notes but you just couldn’t do it because you were occupied with asking questions, listening, responding to questions, and asking feedback?

What if there could be a solution to all of the above problems? What if something could do all of it for you so that you can stop multitasking and start focusing on what truly matters?

In this blog, we’re gonna look at one such innovation– conversation intelligence that can take care of all your sales call issues. Such a relief, right?

Let’s dive right in!

What is Conversation Intelligence?                                                                            

You might be wondering what is Conversation Intelligence exactly?


Conversation Intelligence is an AI-based software technology that captures important information from the sales conversations between two parties, primarily the business provider and the client. 

When humans record the conversation, there’s a possibility of error.

Conversation Intelligence is a technology that captures conversations to get insights without losing any vital part of the meeting.

Not just that, Conversation intelligence software can also analyze the data, transcribe, record, and highlight essential keywords and action items that need focus.

Conversation intelligence can provide valuable information from the meetings, sales calls, conference calls, meeting notes, or any other important information regarding the sales meeting.

It becomes easy to store and share the call information because Conversation Intelligence software converts that information into shareable pieces of content.

The conversation intelligence software is a growing technology that will soon rule the sales fraternity. Let’s understand a few requirements.

Why is Conversational Intelligence Software a Need of the Hour?                                                   

Conversation intelligence software is required today more than ever before for the following reasons.

  1. Data analysis: Conversation Intelligence software analyses insightful data from the sales meeting conversations with the help of NLP( Natural Language Processing ), where the computer initially understands the speech, and then the AI extracts important data notes. It then identifies the patterns, performs the data check, and gives the final output.

Caption/Alt-text: Convin’s conversation intelligence performs data analysis.

  1. Know the customer Inside and out: Conversation intelligence is the best way to know your customers inside and out. Humans can’t multitask. During the meetings, one can either listen, note down or observe. But you can’t do all of it at once, isn’t it? With the help of advanced AI-based conversation intelligence software, you can listen to the customer conversation thoroughly and see if things make sense to you, record the data if you want, and revisit any time you wish.

Caption/Alt-text: Call summary on the Conversation Intelligence software.

  1. Transfer the meeting notes: The sales conversation happens between a sales rep and a potential customer. It’s practically impossible for the sales reps to relay the exact conversation to other teams. But the insightful data that we derive from it is helpful for all teams. The word-to-word conversation has hidden data inside it that needs to be known by every person in the team so that they can work on the bottlenecks.

What are the features of Conversation Intelligence Software?                          

Most conversations intelligence software offer the following features:

  1. Call Recording:  The conversation Intelligence software records the entire call from the beginning to the end. Recording is done in such a way that you don’t have to worry about missing out on the critical section of the meeting.
  1. Transcription: Call transcription means to convert speech into words. This is helpful if you don’t understand the proper wording of the sentences. Transcription also helps in keeping the notes for long-term use.
  1. Cloud storage of recordings : The important recordings need to be stored somewhere to be able to revisit them from time to time. Conversation Intelligence software provides cloud storage to store the meetings for a longer duration.
  1. Meeting/Call sharing: Important meeting/call sharing to client or teammate is the most crucial feature of the software as it allows everybody to stay informed about the latest updates in the team.
  1. Intelligent call analytics: Recording the call is one thing, and analyzing it is different. Intelligent call analytics provides a 360-degree view 

of the data to you. It analyzes and highlights the keywords for you to

 focus on.

  1. Call snippets: It provides you with insightful call snippets that you can use to create the content. These snippets can act as a content creation idea for your marketing team. You can put it into your social media posts to highlight the problems your customers are facing.
  1. Closed/won/lost analytics: The intelligent call analytics and conversation intelligence software can also analyze the possibility of winning, losing, or closing the sale. Now, you can have a clear idea about what next step to perform.
  1. Integration with third-party tools (CRM, Marketing, BI, and Automation):

Last but not least, integration with third-party tools such as CRM, Marketing, and automation allows for easing the workflow. Integration not only enhances the team’s productivity but also makes sure that the data is updated from time to time.

Who Can Benefit from Conversation Intelligence?  

  1. Sales Leaders 

All conversations are recorded and analyzed at scale with conversation intelligence tools, allowing leaders to listen to specific topics of interest or calls that require attention. When compared to the usual method of shadowing teams’ calls or listening to the entire web conference recording to figure out who said what and when CI is a highly efficient alternative.

Leaders can also receive aggregated conversation analytics for each salesperson across their calls, allowing you to spot the most remarkable patterns.

  1. Sales Reps (SDR And AE)

Salespeople gain the most from Conversation Intelligence tools. They can be more present during calls, focusing on listening to what customers have to say, asking the right questions, and not becoming distracted by multitasking while taking notes and worrying about missing important information. 

Furthermore, Sales development representatives (SDRs) receive summarised notes for essential issues and add further notes when needed, and they can sync these thorough notes to the CRM record in a fraction of the time.

Individual reps can use the call listening and reviewing feature of the software to learn how the conversation went, what was said well, and what could be improved next time. Furthermore, if a follow-up contact is made, the sales representative can examine the initial call before making the follow-up call.

  1. Product and Marketing Teams 

Product teams must comprehend what customers want, their demands, and their objections to develop better products, generate engaging text for marketing landing pages, and so on. Rather than needing to request individual sales calls (or listen in on them), they can search for specific keywords or phrases and see how they appear in all discussions. 

Most businesses have isolated teams. Marketing data is with the marketing folks, product data with the product guys, and so on. The company lacks an effective mechanism for communicating feedback across the crew. This impacts the end-to-end customer experience since marketing may not be in sync with the product, which may not be in sync with the pain and issues highlighted during sales calls. Conversational intelligence aids in the development of organizational alignment across all teams.

How helped Carestack to seek uptake of 47% close rate after using Convin’s Conversation Intelligence.

How did Carestack find Convin’s Conversation Intelligence Software?

Convin was in the process of finding and reaching out to potential customers. Carestack was also contacted.

Dan, the Sales Director, was also looking for solutions that would have all of the high-end capabilities while also being reasonably priced. He sought to automate the sales process, and make it more efficient and trackable. Most market solutions were well-suited to large multinational corporations but not for small and medium-sized businesses.

Convin was a member of Carestack’s sales stack within a week of reaching out to them. And the solution’s onboarding was completed in less than a day.

What was the outcome of using Conversation Intelligence? 

Carestack saw a dramatic change in the following areas of sales:

1) More detailed sales call notes

‍2) Sales tracking with Sandler’s methodology

3) Increased Deal Acceptance

If you are aligned with Carestack’s success and waiting to explore the new Sales Technology at your company, then here’s what you can do.

Be a part of an intelligent AI-based Conversation Intelligence software community by signing up for FREE!

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