Cool Things To Do In Birmingham city For A Enjoyable Holidays

Birmingham is the most popular city and second-largest in the United Kingdom. Few people realize that it was in this city that the Industrial Revolution began, which changed the course of history forever, and that it was also here that the concept of a soccer league was established, as well as the birthplace of tennis. 

A modern city in which commerce and the service sector serve as the principal engines of its economy, Birmingham is a thriving metropolis. It is a metropolitan metropolis that is abundant in parks, museums, and other forms of entertainment. So, are you also considering this lovely city for your next trip? Start planning, visit the turkish airlines official site and get your flight tickets online. ALso, save up to 35% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To know more, scroll down and take a look:

Are you stumped for ideas on things to do in Birmingham? The way it works is as follows:

Cadbury World is a gastronomic excursion worth taking

It is a drool-worthy attraction in Birmingham if you’re up to satisfy your chocolate love. You will learn about the history of the world-famous Cadbury chocolate producers, who revolutionized chocolate manufacturing in the United Kingdom at this museum, which is conveniently located near Bourneville. 

The fashionistas will be well catered to during their shopping trip! Additionally, the Bullring retail mall is a spectacular work of modern art in addition to being a temple of retail shopping. Located in the heart of the city, this diamond-encrusted “bubble” is part of a redevelopment project that will transform the area. Do  you love the retro look? Be prepared to get lost in the nearby streets, which are brimming with small chic boutiques and thrift stores of every description. Instead, spend the day shopping at The Mailbox gallery, which is located in the heart of the city.

Birmingham’s Canal Walk is a popular destination

One of the most enjoyable ways to explore Birmingham is to board a boat and cruise through the city’s canals, taking in the city’s most important sites along the way. These are the same canals that, when joined together, form a network larger than that of Venice!

Discover the wonders of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery by visiting this location!

The 40 exhibition halls of this world-renowned museum will allow you to discover not just the richest Anglo-Saxon gold trove ever uncovered in the United Kingdom, but also stunning Egyptian and Roman artifacts. 

Taste a curry at the Balti Triangle

It may sound strange, but Birmingham’s most famous culinary creation is the balti. This dish appeared in restaurants in Birmingham in the 1970s, in an area called the Balti Triangle. You can taste it on your way to Ladypool Road, south of the city center. This spicy Pakistani/Indian dish served in a metal bowl is now a staple on menus across the country. The meat is roasted in a tandoor oven, then added to a rich curry with various spices. Most restaurants in balti do not serve alcohol, but you can bring some to enjoy with your meal.

Do even more shopping at the Jewelry Quarter

This close-knit community of 150 jewelers and artisans will introduce you to Birmingham’s industrial heritage. It is said that 40% of Britain’s jewelry trade passes through this manufacturing enclave north of the city center. You can easily access the Jewelry Quarter on foot from Grand Central Station in less than 20 minutes, or take the train one stop to Jewelry Quarter station. Among the jewelers, you will find pubs, museums, art galleries, auctioneers, and other shops specializing in the organization of weddings or in-home furnishings.

Catch a football match at one of Birmingham’s stadiums

Many professional sports teams play in Birmingham, but football comes first in the hearts and minds of most locals. The city and its surroundings have 4 main teams. Aston Villa is arguably the most well-known, but Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion happen to be also prevalent. If it’s your first time watching a football game there, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you take your seat in the crowded stands. The 90-minute game is accompanied by cheers and chants from the crowd that make the experience memorable. The football season runs from August to May every year, and most games are played on Saturday afternoons.

Enjoy an outdoor movie night in Luna Springs

Luna Springs is a huge outdoor space where you can find music, cocktails, junk food, and an outdoor cinema! Every summer evening, Luna Springs offers a movie under the stars. Entrance costs £5, but you can opt, like us, for a £25 package including 2 cocktails, popcorn and sweets! The night we were in Birmingham, the movie “Very Bad Trip” was playing! 


You just have to take a leisurely stroll and stop when a bar or restaurant strikes your fancy, whether it’s a German lounge or a cocktail lounge bar. Don’t miss The Mailbox, located just off Brindleyplace: this former post office now houses luxury restaurants, bars and BBC TV studios. So, what are you still waiting for? Pack your bags and book your vacation with Airlines Map soon. The lovely city of Birmingham is calling out to you!


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