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Sourcing the best talent is immensely challenging and experts say sometimes, you’re struggling because of your job ad.

If you’re feeling that with every passing year, the talent pool is getting shallower and the best ones are taken, you aren’t mistaken how do companies hog the best talent before it’s even out unemployed. Sure, this has a lot to do with your network and the recruitment website design, tools and techniques you use. But it also has to do with your job ad, which you might be neglecting.

Like every workplace safety, your job ad has to be unique. Posting an ad on several job boards and praying you find the right approach will NEVER find you the best ones. The folks who will end up reading your job post will be the ones who are unemployed and not the best fit for the role.

What can you do to change that? How to create a job ad that attracts the top cream? Here are some best practices that can make a difference:

1: Improve Your Job Description

Writing a top job post is the only way to attract top candidates. Don’t be surprised if the ones you attract are average if your ad looks and reads like everyone else’s.

If you’re looking for top talent, take a few extra minutes to run the ad through a spell checker. Also, make sure the ad doesn’t appear to be a massive wall of text. It’s fine to be detailed, with quick-to-read bullet points.

The words you use in your job post tell a lot about your company. Use tools like Textio to get help with writing job descriptions. It also gives suggestions for how to enhance the language to make it less biased.

Speak to your applicant directly via the job description. Remember, you’re trying to sell yourself to the candidate. Demonstrate why they should choose to work with you and how your organization will provide them with a rewarding career.

2: Always Give your Company’s Overview

Unless you’re famous, you may not need an introduction otherwise, most applicants are expecting some kind of company overview.

Mention your company’s name in the job ad. Let the potential candidate who their homework on your organization. Mention your company’s culture, mission, and core beliefs, and way of life. Don’t give too much away, though. 2-3 lines will do the work.

3: The Visuals Matters Equally

It’s not just the job description alone that will alone attract the right candidates. The visuals have an important part to play as well.

Don’t make your post boring by skipping an image. You must be wondering what kind of image do you use in your advertisement. You can use images of your company’s products or services. You can also add a picture of your staff in the photograph and give the applicant a feel of the company’s culture.

4: Keep the Job Title Simple

I know, LinkedIn is filled with jobs with quirky titles likes Ninja, rockstar, and similar other adjectives. Words like these do make your job titles stand out but they don’t really help. Why? Because a majority of job seekers use search engines, such as Google or job boards, to find jobs. They type in simple keywords ‘HR manager’ to search for job opportunities. They will hard write “HR Ninja” to search for one.

Therefore, focus on clarity when it comes to writing job titles.  Don’t craft unusual job titles or you will be missing out on the best people.

5: Do Mention the Salary and Benefits

It’s a big turn-off when a job ad has no mention of the expected salary. The truth is that we all have bills to pay. Even if your firm has a fantastic culture and benefits, for some candidates the financial compensation matters. Although compensation is not a top priority for everyone, it is important. Hence, it should be highlighted.

 Don’t take my word for it. Job postings with a mention of salary attract up to 30 percent more applicants. Those who apply know exactly what to expect. Plus, you can immediately remove anyone who is too expensive for your budget.

6: Add a CTA

Garnish the ad with a compelling CTA. Do create some urgency and let them know how to create talent acquisition strategies. Give a clear sense of direction.

Writing a job ad and having it designed is a lengthy process and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. What are you waiting for? Get to work and make your job ad stand out from the crowd so that it may attract the best talent.


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