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Weddings are meant to be designed so that You should coordinate everything from the décor to the food, favours, and invitations with each other. Wedding invitation boxes are an essential element of wedding preparations; the recipients of the cards should receive the card and feel like a necessary part of the wedding. Thankfully, wedding invitations have become creative more than ever, and a new trend of boxes has emerged.

Working on the wedding invitations, you should know about the new trend of invitation packaging to know all your options. Below are a few invitation examples that are latest and trending to help you design invitations with an edge.

Custom sleeve invitation boxes

Wedding invitation boxes wholesale with the sleeve on top of a flat rectangle box, with the invitation placed inside looks classic and is made of cardboard and embellished with embellishments on your choice. The package inside can be left plain and all the decorations on the sleeve coordinate with the theme of the wedding.

Invitation explosion boxes

Explosion boxes are very detailed and very massively customized packages. It has many leaves, and each is customized with the photo of the groom and bride and their notes and stories, whatever they wish to add. These boxes are nothing less than a gorgeous piece of the groom and bride’s special moments and the recipient feels like a part of the wedding.

Roll up and pack drawer box

Paper or cardboard roll rolled up and boxed in a slim box tied with a ribbon is yet another unique wedding invitation box yet very cost-effective.

Custom shape invitation box

The invitation boxes do not necessarily need to be square or rectangle. You can play along with several shapes, a heart shape and a shape of diamond or anything at all. These boxes can carry small gifts for the recipients, candy bars, etc.

Cardboard velvet invitation box

Essential custom printed invitation boxes covered in velvet, adorned with silver or gold embellishments, and the top of the box carrying the groom’s and bride’s initials, is a classic invitation box style that never fades out of trend. Velvet adds rich detail to the invitation, while the colour coordination prepares you for the event and hints at what to prepare.

Flat round box with round cards inside

Another pretty and bespoke style is a cylindrical vertical round cardboard case with flat round disks like cards inside. Each has a ribbon attached. These cards can carry photos, special notes for the recipients, and the invitation itself. 

Chocolate box-like invitation box with chocolates inside

You can also go for custom invitation boxes that are designed exactly like a chocolate box in custom size; the box carries tiny pieces of chocolates, invitations and other goodies for the recipient. These boxes can be in different colours and shapes; even the chocolate packaging inside can be customized with the bride and groom’s initials.

Cake box invitation

A square box tied on top with a ribbon, opening up to reveal a cardboard 3 to 4-tier cake inside with the invitation written all over the cake is a new idea for the invitation box. This cake box can be a wedding and a great birthday invitation.

A basic square box with fragrant paper rose on top. 

If you are more into classics, a square lid box with a fragrant paper rose will be just enough for a classic invitation for the wedding. The boxes for the invitation can surely be minimalist in design and still look and feel great!

Vintage card box with bespoke charms and embellishments

Who doesn’t love receiving a token from hundred years ago, an invitation adorned in vintage charms and decorative to invite you to an event if you are going for a vintage-themed wedding? Bespoke decorated card boxes are the one for you!


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