Give your clipboard a crazy makeover with blackboard paint and a washi tape line! A Pumpkin and A Princess shows you how over on her blog.

Washi tape gift pack beautification

Helena Schaeder Söderberg has utilized her washi to make these very charming plans on small gift sacks. Duplicate her shapes and make your own.

custom washi tape containers

Washi tape can adhere to most surfaces – even glass. The fab Debbie Simpson tells you the best way to make washi tape gift containers. Basically fold a few strips over a little glass container. Cover a piece of card with tape and make a concertina rosette to enhance the top, then, at that point, pop in a tealight, chocolate or any smaller than usual items and give as a delightful gift!


Washi tape projects don’t come cuter than scaled down hitting! All you really want to do is charming little pieces of your washi, crease it over on itself over your string or yarn then, at that point, cut a little triangle out of every one. We love Paper Squash’s adaptation.

Washi tape tea light makeover

Megan Duesterhaus has made a definitive washi tape project. Give your ropes and chargers some vivid interest with your extra washi tape.

Washi tape butterfly cuts

One of our #1 kind of washi tape projects is overhauling writing material. Add your washi to all your butterfly cuts very much like I Heart Coordinating has for an additional touch.

Charming washi tape paper cuts

Going on with the fixed topic we have these very charming paperclips by Kathy Hodson for Papercraft and Motivations mag. Just cut a piece of washi, crease it on itself around the paperclip and cut a triangle. These are incredible augmentations to organizers, shot diaries or simply spare papers lying directly in front of you.

custom washi tape  pencils

Add a fabulousness to your work area with Julie Kirk’s with wrapped pencils. Utilizing sparkle washi tape, make an even circle at the top, then point the tape and drop down the rest of the pencil, enveloping by a winding to cover the whole surface.

Washi tape envelopes

Give your envelopes an additional radiance with Club Created’s washi tape Do-It-Yourself.

Washi tape gift wrapping

Blue-green Notes have an entire assortment of washi tape projects over on their blog. We love this gift wrapping thought.

Charming washi tape Christmas adornments

Washi tape projects are going happy. Use Bellwood Cabin’s instructional exercise to make your Christmas decorations significantly prettier.

Washi tape studs

Transform your washi tape into astonishing studs with Sowerding About’s instructional exercise.

Washi tape tins

Disregard keyrings, add a bling to your keys by staying your most loved washi tape on them as beautification. Cover with clear nail stain to secure it.

Washi tape nails

In the event that you’re a genuine washi tape sweetheart, you’ll need your washi with you any place you go. Hi Minimal Home tells you the best way to transform your washi into nail workmanship.

Washi tape make up brushes

Give old cosmetics brushes another rent of existence with Our Fifth House’s washi tape project.

Washi tape pinwheels

Create charming little pinwheels from your washi tape with Frantic in Specialties free instructional exercise.

Washi tape bike head protector

Disregard purchasing outlines for all your new snaps – utilize your washi all things being equal. Use Configuration Wipe’s free instructional exercise and embellish your room the washi way.

Washi tape letters

Debbie Simpson is the sovereign of washi tape tasks and makes wonderful birthday cards from them! Washi tape is ideal for making eye-getting foundation plans – simply fold the tape over a piece of card to make your own planner paper. Washi tape is low-tack, worry don’t as well in the event that you don’t get it perfectly positioned the initial time.


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