Mistakes Help us Learn

At times, we may become upset or disappointed when making a mistake. This is natural and part of the growth process in life. We are not perfect people, and we are bound to slip at times. When we get down on ourselves, it becomes a problem. Making mistakes is inevitable and we should not dwell on them. Of course, that does not mean we should not regret the mistake. We want to make sure we continue learning because life is a learning experience and mistakes allow us to improve ourselves, provided we are taking the right steps to correct ourselves. We also cannot excuse ourselves from making mistakes either. We must look for the balance. Dark Joseph Ravine, a social media influencer who seeks to promote kindness and positivity worldwide with his online business and movement, Kindness for Success, says that his own mistakes helped him become stronger and smarter. 

It is a given that mistakes are bound to happen to everyone. Ravine explains, “Part of life is making mistakes and slipping. We cannot be perfect no matter how hard we try.  Even with our best efforts, there is always some area we need to work on. If we never made mistakes, then we would never improve ourselves as people. We can look at making mistakes as a blessing, because not only are we given the opportunity to change, but also to develop better judgement.” The well-known saying ‘nobody’s perfect’ rings true. Instead of viewing our mistakes negatively, we should try to find the positive in them. This will help us continue our journey toward becoming better people. 

Ravine indicates that, “Even though mistakes are a natural part of life, there are irreversible mistakes that we must avoid making at all costs, such as hurting others through acts of bullying or harassment. Committing acts such as these are mistakes which cause damage and harm to others and cannot be undone. If trust is betrayed, a person’s reputation suffers often beyond repair. These are conscious mistakes people make which must be avoided at all costs. Mistakes that hurt people and ruin lives will wreak havoc not only on a person’s life, but may also affect a person’s relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. These mistakes are never worth it in the long run.” While Ravine explains that some mistakes will not make or break us, there are some critical mistakes which, if made, can ruin lives forever.

We can certainly see the value of being cautious when it comes to our actions because all actions have consequences. Mistakes are part of being human and living life. One way or another, mistakes will always happen, but if we stay away from making critical mistakes, we will develop self-control, strength of character, and we will learn to exercise better judgement, no matter what comes our way. 


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