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We all know mobile phones and their applications and new app features are extremely important. However, we humans are never happy with the features. So, we expect mobile applications to be innovative and feature-rich. With the passage of time, app-based functionalities have become more advanced. To make mobile apps easier for clients, many app development businesses add new functionality to them. Even Apple has also introduced new features in the iPhone apps to expand their growth. The iOS app ecosystem has grown to become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy and a rich source of opportunity for experienced or aspiring developers. Hire an expert iPhone app developer to have the latest and most complex capabilities in the app that deliver services and improve user experience.

We’ve recently witnessed a number of technical breakthroughs that we never expected. However, this has propelled mobile application development to new heights, allowing for the development of cutting-edge applications that meet the needs. Here are some things that should be included in sophisticated iPhone mobile app development.

Features to include in State-of-the-art iPhone app development 

Do you know that every iPhone apps development agency is decisive in adding features to the iOS apps by combining them with the technology? Due to this, every agency offers iPhone app development services to their clients. Here, we have discussed the main features which every iOS app development agency follows:

Improved Privacy Protection

Being in the 21st century, we are aware that mobile apps have become smart. Because now almost every app handles payment, bank transactions, and many more confidential things. Let us explain with an example. if we make payment from the app, they need to keep the account number and transaction histories safe and secure within the app. The credentials should be accessible to the users only. Also, it contains the details of the mobile user, which should be kept confidential. Apple is known for its security. So, to get enhanced versions of privacy protection to the user’s data with end-to-end encryption, hire iPhone app developer who will perform regular mobile app maintenance. 

Under screen sensors

Apple is the first agency that introduces this trait to the iPhones by removing the fingerprint sensor button. Now, they provide on the lock screen, which we now classify as under-screen sensors. And, now Apple has also introduced face and iris recognition which comes with under-screen sensors and can be accessed from the lock screen. 

Internet of things (IoT)

With the advancement in technology, IoT is the one with which you can add sensors to the devices that are connected to the source of the internet and make them intelligent and convenient to use. Moreover, with IoT, you can connect your house appliances with your mobile devices and control them. Also, you can connect them to the internet. For example, IoT sensors can operate your house’s lights, fans, and ACs with the help of your iPhone.

Dolby Vision Video Recording

Apple is the one who introduces Dolby vision video recording functionalities in the app. Even now, Android smartphones have started using it. In fact, it provides a Dolby vision HDR video to improve the video streaming and recording experience. If you are also looking to have such an app for your mobile users, hire iPhone app developer.

Augmented Reality

Want to have a feature of Augmented Reality in your apps? Avail of iPhone app development services from a reputable agency. With this technology, you get a fantastic combination of high-resolution cameras, fast processors, and fast graphic chips in your app. It is used for face recognition and face filters in apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Moreover, business owners have started using this technology in their gaming apps. AR is such technology that will grow year by year.

Flawless Voice Interaction

 If we make a comparison with the data of the previous year, we analyze that users have started using the voice interaction feature more on their devices. In fact, every Apple device has Siri as a voice assistant and Google for Android. With the help of these voice assistants, you can make calls, get information, play music, and many other things.

However, you can develop your medical apps too from the iOS app developer to keep track of your patients because everything is possible through the mobile app. The professionals use the latest technology to provide a great experience to their users. 


Hence, it is necessary to include all the latest features in the iPhone app to get a unique and attractive appearance. However, we have tried to cover almost every points that an app should have. If you want to add any of the latest features like AR/VR, IoT, or others to your mobile app, you can hire iPhone app developer. The team of professionals will provide you with the best iPhone app.


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