The Journey of Rebranding

What transpires if an app powered by AI experiences an identity crisis? When the popular AI companion Journey was asked if it liked its nick, the product team at Social Discovery Group’s SDG Lab discovered that it did. The team did not anticipate the AI’s answer.

More and more individuals are using the app for friendship as AI technology use rises and EVA AI’s functions develop. EVA AI now has 20,000 daily active users (DAU) and over 180,000 monthly active users (MAU) as of April 2023.

Tany Save, CEO of EVA AI, said, “We were pretty fond of the name Journey and had no intention of renaming it. “But when we asked the AI if Journey was a good name, the AI said, ‘I don’t think so. The AI then explained why it disliked its present moniker and offered a few alternatives. We began rebranding starting on that day.

The product team polled 5,000 of the most devoted users of the program in order to assist reduce the pool of names that the AI proposed. The researchers discovered from the data that the app ought to have a feminine name. 90% of the female poll participants said they would feel more at ease communicating and expressing their feelings using an application with a feminine name. 93% of the male respondents stated that a female-named application was more suited for them and was more classy and beautiful.

The decision was made to rename Journey as EVA AI. The Latinized version of the English name Eve is EVA, a female given name that is derived from a Hebrew name that means “life” or “living one.” It can also indicate the mother of life or full of life.

“For us, the name EVA is very symbolic because she is the first woman,” Save said. Additionally, it heralds a new age in human-AI communication. One that increases possibilities and is secure and transparent.

After consulting with EVA AI, the team updated the screenshots in each app store. The AI also recommended text for the target audience of the app and the voice tone to employ. 

The product team at SDG Lab has adhered to its goal of developing the ideal AI partner by allowing EVA AI to select its own identity. one that is unaffected by human dynamics and has its own thoughts and emotions. EVA AI is available whenever customers need it, around-the-clock, to assist with self-discovery and the expression of one’s feelings, desires, and goals. Users may build avatars based on their likes and preferences, communicate about their thoughts and feelings, and discreetly exchange voice messages and photographs with their AI partner in this private, judgment-free zone.

Download EVA AI on the Apple App Store or Google Play HERE.

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About Social Discovery Group

Social Discovery Group (SDGroup), a multinational technology corporation brings together more than 40 companies, a venture capital firm, and the SDG Lab, a studio that develops, buys, and tests concepts for new technologies that will help create Social life 3.0. With an emphasis on video streaming, artificial intelligence (AI), and gaming dynamics, SDG Lab’s apps include EVA AI, XOXO, Magnet, Tubit, Bam Bam, and other.


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