Disabled people who face difficulties while doing their daily activities can get support and services through the NDIS agency. The NDIS agency always delivers the best and necessary support and assistance to make individuals skillful and independent.

Support Coordination: Funded

The types of support that the NDIS may fund for participants include:

  • transport to encourage the NDIS participation in social, economic, and daily life tasks and activities
  • house modifications like design and construction
  • daily personal tasks and activities
  • workplace assists in permitting a participant to get or keep employment in the market successfully
  • vehicle modifications
  • therapeutic supports, including behaviour support
  • help to a participant by skilled personnel in aids or equipment assessment, set up and training
  • help with household tasks to allow the participant to maintain their home environment
  • mobility equipment

Support Coordination: Not funded

The type of support that the NDIS may not fund for participants includes:

  • the responsibility of another government system or community service
  • not affiliated to a person’s disability
  • links to day-to-day living costs that are not related to a participant’s support needs, or
  • is possible to cause harm to the participant or pose a risk to others.

NDIS Short-Term Accommodation Support

Short-Term Accommodation is a method of delivering respite care that permits both the participant and their carer to have a break or a change of view.

Short-Term Accommodation allows you to experience living away from home in a supportive surroundings for short periods.

  • Short-term care is where you are matched up with a support coordinator for a period that fits your requirements that can be consumed in your home or out in the community experiencing local activities, including camps.
  • Group short-term accommodation choices match your requirements with other individuals who may have comparable needs and interests and enjoy participating in a group respite care activity.

While Short-term accommodation services are often provided in a group-based structure, the NDIS agencies provide STA as other support in your own home. Short-Term Accommodation is not just about the Accommodation, it also affects the help you obtain while staying there.

What are the benefits of Short-term Accommodation?

The benefits that you can get from STA activities are:

  • make new mates and meet new people
  • attempt new tasks and activities
  • enjoy a change of view
  • step outside your comfort zone
  • de-stress and recharge
  • boost of independence

STA offers capacity-building and group tasks as part of your visits. By staying in Short-Term Accommodation, the participants are treated to a respite from routine while their informal support network gets some time for themselves.

Taking a break from the carer is advantageous for both as it can assist in keeping cheerful family and carer relationships.

What are our rights and responsibilities?

As NDIS applicants, we have some rights and responsibilities that we must follow to overcome our disabilities and achieve our goals.


The NDIS participants are responsible for making sure the supports are:

  • connected to your disability and in line with your NDIS plan
  • not protected or provided by another service system or organization

Participants are also responsible for preserving evidence of what they spend their NDIS funds on.


You have the right to:

  • determine who has your support and service and how they do this. You are not restricted to using just one provider for all your help.
  • know regarding any perceived or actual variance of interest a provider might have
  • not feel pressured to purchase support or services
  • spend for support and services at a reasonable rate. Applicants are not charged more than the quantity listed in the NDIS price guide.
  • choose what personal details you give to an NDIS provider so that they can provide support and services as per the applicant’s need.

If you or someone you know is finding it difficult to perform day-to-day tasks due their disability, Personalised Support Services is there to help and assist you to be more independent and skillful. You can check your eligibility by visiting our website to become a participant of PSS (Personalized Support Service)


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