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There are several factors to consider when hiring exterior painting services. Learn about cost, paint type, and weatherproofing. You can also choose the right time of year to paint your home. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision. Exterior painting services will make your home look more beautiful and protect it from weather damage. To get started, contact a professional painting company today. Exterior painting can be expensive, so choose a company that does this work only during certain seasons.

The Cost of Exterior Painting

You may wonder whether you should hire a professional to paint the exterior of your home. While it may be tempting to try to save money by painting your home yourself, the results will likely be less than satisfying. The time and effort you spend painting will likely far outweigh any savings. Moreover, you may encounter critical problems such as streaks and messes. Hiring a professional will help you get the results you want while making the painting process easy for you.

There are different types of paint, including eggshell and satin finishes. Eggshell paint is the most common exterior paint, as it has a great balance between durability and coverage. This paint dries faster than satin or matte, and is less susceptible to chipping. Its cost range is $20-$60 per gallon. Satin-finish paint is a little more expensive than eggshell, but is less likely to chip. This type of paint is typically used for small areas of the house, such as trim, doors, and windows.

Paint Types Used

The types of paint used by exterior painting services can greatly influence the results of a home makeover. Because paint on the exterior of a home is constantly exposed to the elements, it must provide protection against sun damage, moisture, and fading. Exterior paint is often made of resins, which are flexible and soft and do not easily crack under temperature and moisture changes. The difference between interior and exterior paint is reflected in the color.

Oil-based paints are often referred to as enamel. These are the most durable types of paint, and have a number of benefits. Oil-based paints are also highly durable, but they tend to discolour over time. Water-based paints, on the other hand, are called latex. In addition to the types of paint used on exterior surfaces, acrylic paint is also water-based, which makes it a great choice for both interior and exterior painting jobs.

The Best Time of Year to Paint Your House

The weather will determine which time of year to paint your home. Avoid hot days, and avoid painting during periods of high humidity. The paint dries the fastest on cool, dry surfaces. The best times to paint your home are in the spring and fall, when temperatures are mild and the chances of afternoon thunderstorms are minimal. Fall painting will also be easier than summer painting, as there are fewer risks of excessive humidity and heat.

Paint manufacturers recommend that you avoid painting your home in the winter. While painting in the winter is okay in many climates, the outside temperature can be as low as 35 degrees. Then again, premium paints are able to be applied at lower temperatures. As a rule of thumb, however, it’s best to avoid painting during the winter months. In both cases, the paint may not look as good as you hoped, so it’s best to avoid the colder months.

Weatherproofing of Exterior Paint

A waterproofing contractor will apply a coat of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex mixed with white cement to your home’s exterior. This sealant provides strength, bonding, and water resistance. Using a waterproofing service is an excellent way to prevent future damage from weather. In addition to preventing the fading and peeling of paint, it will also prevent mold growth. After all, who wants to live in a damaged home?

While the cost and benefits of waterproofing your exterior paint are largely the same, they are often done in different ways. A good waterproofing paint will help keep out severe weather while still allowing moisture vapor to escape. For example, Color Wheel Paintings and Coatings, a company in Orlando, FL, developed an exterior paint called Flex-Lox that elongates three hundred and fifty percent. This coating is capable of bridging hairline cracks in stucco.


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