ExtraMovies: A Discussion on ExtraMovies Application


Everyone enjoys films, and it’s an extremely adored ways of entertainment. Films are usually created to be watched in theaters as well as cinema halls. But, because of our hectic lives we are never feasible to enjoy movies in theatres. With the development of technology we also don’t have the time anymore to wait for a long amount of time to view them on TV. Therefore, various apps have begun to make online films however; one must pay a specific amount to view the films. But, the majority of people want to stay away from paying for streaming sites for movies online. This is why some developers have designed some pirated sites that offer free streaming of films as well as the ability to download the movies. One of them is ExtraMovies.

ExtraMovies app: What’s it?

ExtraMovies is an ExtraMovies application is a well-known website on which users can stream and download free of charge for various types of movies. Starting with Tamil Malayalam Telugu Bhojpuri Hindi to English numerous films in various languages are available on this website. The platform has films of exceptionally high-quality that are 420p or 360p or 1080p or 720p HD quality and more. It is also possible to download films y2meta com on this site. The site also grants clients access to brRip as well as Web-DL format.

A variety of categories of movies are offered on this app. There are dual audio films, Bollywood movies, animated films, Hollywood movies, South Indian films Web series Korean dramatics, as well as numerous others.

The app is very user-friendly. It is easy to search for a film of their preferences and play or download it quickly. There are movies of diverse genres such as romantic films action films or films that are that are based on science and fantasy and animated films, movies for kids, and so on.

How can I download ExtraMovies’ movies?

ExtraMovies application is actually a third-party app which is why in a number of countries; use of this site has been restricted from the authorities. So, in order to download films using this app, filmymeet users need to install a few applications on their phone.

It is necessary to install VPN software on their cell phones.

  • After installation, one must open the ExtraMovies website using any browser on the internet.
  • From the drop-down the user must choose the relevant link.
  • When you click the link, you will be taken to the home page of the ExtraMovies application screen.
  • Then, look up the movie that you prefer using the bar for searching.
  • After you’ve found your preferred version of the film, click the film and download it via your download hyperlink.

If you decide to download anything from this app on your device, be sure you visit the website and choose the genre you prefer from the list of options. After that, copy the link for your preferred video 9xflix you would like to download. Then, open the downloader website of this application and copy the link. Then, you can select the quality based on its application and then click the download button. At last the desired video is downloaded.

What are the distinctive advantages in this program?

There are many features in this application. One of the major advantages of the application is that the website includes web-based series or films not just that are of Indian Origin but also of other nations. It also allows users to watch animated videos. It also includes web-based series and shows that are broadcast through Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or Disney Hotstar or YouTube premium, etc. The application can be viewed on both mobile and desktop phones. This means that one can use either their Android or desktop for this app. It also includes large films with high-quality. With the aid from Telegram Technology, vegamovies any user will be able to determine the most recent collection which has been added to the application. With this application, you is able to request tips and tutorials and talk in our chat with experts to answer any questions.

Does this app comply with the law?

ExtraMovies application is a rogue application. It’s since it’s a pirated site because it distributes illegally filmed movies. It distributes movies free of charge on its online platform, without obtaining any permission from the creator or director of the film. This is because the Government of India has always been against pirated websites, or downloading movies downloaded from such apps. In the Cinematograph Act of 2010, it was stipulated that if any person is found to be filming without obtaining written permission from the makers of a film that is controversial the person who was found filming may be sentenced to prison for up to 3 years. In addition, the person could be fined as high as 10 lakh. People who aren’t taking part in filling out forms but are involved in the spread of counterfeit copies of film via illegal websites may also be held in prison.

Anyone downloading videos through this application isn’t protected. Because this application doesn’t possess a legal copyright license, it was declared illegal by the authorities. So anyone downloading any of the movies available on this application is infringing the laws of the land.


ExtraMovies widely used by users across the globe to download movies, web series and other content for free. However, one must be extremely cautious when browsing this website or downloading any film from this site, as they may contain viruses and malware that could harm your computer or mobile device and could even lead to an intrusion into your security.


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