Celebrity Kids

It looks like it has only been a few days since these tiny beautiful kids were born into fame in this vast world full of movies and sports. But looking at them now doesn’t seem so. 

Being a celebrity kid is not easy, lots of fame, popularity, and everything else because of parents seems different. Let’s check out these celebrity kids, who have maintained their parent’s prestige and are successfully pursuing their passion. 

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel:

He is the second child of popular Hollywood actress, singer, and writer Heidi Klum and Seal. Heidi Klum is the German supermodel and is the first Russian woman to become victoria’s secret angel. Johan riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel is only 15 years old and is a highly creative and talented kid. He likes to read novels and lives in royalty with his parents. 

Xander Jones:

The “Mad Man” star January Jones gave birth to a lovely son Xander Jones on September 13, 2011. His mother has strickly kept him around his family. Her mother makes the headlines after welcoming her baby boy. The baby boy participated in a Black Lives Matter protest.  

Blue Ivy:

Blue Ivy is the firstborn of the pop icons, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Her full name is Blue Ivy Carter. Ivy is one of the youngest celebrity kids. She has a fan following of her own. Blue Ivy is a fashion icon and makes the headlines for her emergences besides her parents. 

Carys Zeta Douglas:

Carys Zeta Douglas is a 19 years old girl, the daughter of Micheal Douglas who is a US-based actor and producer. The actress Catherin Zeta-Jones is her mother. She grows up in California, United States while her birthplace is Ridgewood, New Jersey United States. Carys Zeta is a social influencer, an actress, and a model. 

Zoey Deutch:

She is the daughter of famous actor Lea Thompson and the outstanding director, Howard Deutch. Zoey feels gratitude towards her mother and father for giving her a normal childhood similar to others. But still, there were news spread and photos of her childhood getting viral in media.

Emma Roberts:

Emma Rose Roberts daughter of award-nominated actor Eric Roberts. Emma was born on February 10, 1991. She made her acting debut at ten years old in Blow. Now she is an American actress and also a good singer. Her parents were separated when she was a baby. Emma grew up living with her mother Kelly Cunningham. 

Harley Quinn Smith:

Harley Quinn Smith, the daughter of the director Kevin Smith and the actress Jenifer Schwalbach Smith. She tools birth on June 26, 1999. She is an American actress and a famous musician. Harley Smith has taken the part in the film “Tusk”. Smith says that she is not dying until she plays Harley Quinn on the screen.  

Monroe and Moroccan Cannon:

Monroe and Moroccan Cannon were birth on April 30, 2011. Sometimes you can see the twins even wear matching outfits. The kids spend plenty of time with their parents. They include walking on the red carpet as a family. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahan:

He is the son of legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady and actress Bridget Moynahan. No doubt, they are the proud parent, as their son John Edward Thomas Moynahan is doing very well in his career, and successfully pursuing his golf career. Though he is not on any social media platforms, his parents often post pictures with him, which automatically gets viral due to their popularity.  So, these were the celebrity kids, who are kicking up every other actor, model, or spokesperson behind, and gaining utmost popularity just like their parents. These kids are the gen-z and are going to be the future of their respected industries. For more such updates, stay comment with us! 


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