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Are you here because you are facing a Samsung S23 Ultra-fast charging issue and you don’t know how to deal with it? Well, you are in the right place at the right time. When someone owns a phone, his first concern is the battery and how it charges because people want to charge their phone once, so they work non-stop for as long as they want. Samsung S23 Ultra has a 5000 mAh battery that works longer and a super fast charging feature that makes the battery charge faster. What if the most important feature doesn’t work at the time of need? If facing this issue, you must ensure a few conditions are met. 

  • If you are facing a fast charging issue on your Samsung, ensure that the charger you are using is a high voltage of around 15W and the cable is also authentic and supports fast charging like a USB-C cable. 
  • Ensure your smartphone’s power pin or contact points are not broken or damaged.
  • Ensure that the software is brand new and compatible.

If you have any of these issues, the fast charging feature will not work, no matter what you do. Therefore, it is important to resolve these problems. Mobile Montreal, a cell phone repair Montreal has provided a few fixes in this Article that could solve the problem. Let’s start with them. 

Check the Fast Charger and Cable

The first step to solving the problem is ensuring you have a fast charger and cable. Samsung has fast-charging power standards that are essential to meet. You must use an original, authentic, and compatible charger with this feature to support this charging. If your charger is not producing 15W of energy, the Samsung won’t detect the fast-charging feature and will not be shown on your display. Similarly, purchase a USB-C cable compatible with the charger to transmit the energy properly. There is no point in buying a compatible charger when your cable is not authentic. That is why it is essential to ensure that both charger and the cable are fine. 

Enable Fast Charging Feature

If you are a new Samsung user, you must not know that the fast charging feature can easily be disabled from the settings. Some people do it deliberately, while others do it without knowing. This is another main reason fast charging is not working on your phone. Before coming to any conclusion, it is suggested by Montreal cell phone repair to enable the feature by going to settings. You might have to do it manually. Go to settings and click on the battery and device care option. Select battery and scroll down till you see more battery settings options. From there, you will see the fast charging option. Enable it and enjoy your phone. 

Toggle on the Super Fast Charging Option

According to Samsung cell phone Repair Montreal, You can also enable the super-fast charging option on the Samsung instead of going for the traditional one. When you enable this option, you must also ensure that the charger you are using supports 25W charging. To enable the super-fast charging, you have to open the settings from your S23 ultra, tap on the battery options, and scroll down until you see more options. Now click on the super-fast charging option and toggle it on. 

Go For A Software Update

If you have tried and tested everything, but the fast charging issue is still not resolving, it means that the problem doesn’t lie in the system itself. The cell phone repair Montreal suggests you go for a software update if you want your phone to support fast charging because a downgraded software won’t support the feature. If your phone contains any bugs, glitches, malfunctions, malware, cache, temp, and viruses, they will be removed once the software is updated, and your phone will be as good as new. These updates also have security improvements that keep your phone protected. 

Clear the Cache

Once your S23 Ultra software is updated, it is time to clean and clear the cache and temp from your device. Clearing them would eliminate all the corrupted and outdated files and documents. When you eliminate the temp, cache, and cookies, your gadget will work fine and run smoothly without any obstruction. Your phone will be safe after this, and nothing will stop you from doing fast charging. 

Wrap Up

All the steps mentioned above are designed and explained to you to fix the particular fast charging issue. We know that you long for such a feature, so you buy expensive phones, but you must not be upset because gadgets usually face such issues. However, these issues are solvable and are not permanent. If you want an expert opinion, you can visit Montreal professionals. They will identify all the issues in your phone and develop the best possible solution. They are also known as the cell phone screen repair Montreal as they deal in screen repair, battery repair, and much more. 

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