FlexClip - An Easy To Use Online Video Editor

So the other day, the FlexClip team reached out to me, and I like this tool. Unlike many video editing software, FlexClip offers you various tools, and it is simple to use and allows you to create compelling video content from scratch.

Thanks to the simple design, you will be able to create what you want with results that exceed your expectations in a few minutes. Also, note that this program integrates storyboard tools, numerous templates, and music to unleash your creativity. FlexClip is also available for free. Let’s see below what are the main resources and everything you need to know.

FlexClip: general characteristics


Do you want to use FlexClip and sign up for subscriptions without spending a coin? In this case, the first thing to do is to register for the program in order to access the various functions through which you can direct and create your video. Specifically, you will have the ability to cut movies without compromising quality. Different text tools are also available to add titles, texts, captions, and add messages.

If necessary, you can always combine the video and photographic assets that are present in your gallery, all with a few simple clicks. FlexClip integrates the voice recording function, which is indispensable when inserting the background narration into your film. Also worth mentioning is the tool to adjust aspect ratio, resolution, photo to video conversion, zoom, and much more. This software comes with a large library of music, video, and photo content that can be instantly inserted into your movie.

The free plan gets some limitations in terms of functionality, transitions, as well as the length of the videos. By subscribing to an annual plan, you can count on more resources, that is, to create videos that last up to 30 minutes, save them online without the personalized watermark, unlimited stock of projects, and much more.

How to edit free online videos with FlexClip


FlexClip allows you to edit online videos in two different ways in the free variant. Specifically, you can start from an empty workspace or choose one of the templates available. The library offers you everything you need, as it is quite rich and varied, as well as organized by thematic areas, so as to speed up the search. If you want, you can find the template that best suits your specific needs by using keywords when the micro categories do not lead to good results and seem imprecise.

Once you have selected your template to customize or after opening an empty workspace, you move on to the assembly phase, during which you will not have any difficulties, also because the interface is quite intuitive. You can also opt for the storyboard to further simplify the operations or choose the timeline interface, more similar to the one that is integrated into professional software.

On the left is the toolbar with all the tabs, through which you can add different elements to insert in your movie, as well as various effects for an even more suggestive result. The available solutions are images, symbols, sounds, backgrounds, and animated graphics. The latter lend themselves to be customized as you prefer with a few clicks, which is not possible with a professional program.

You also have the chance to upload your own media or use the material already present in the FlexClip library. When needed, there is also the opportunity to record your live voice through the microphone in order to insert it into your footage.

On the right side of the interface is the preview of the videos that you can play to get an idea of the final result and make any changes and corrections. Below you will find the timeline that contains the sequence of the elements present in your video.

The tools available


To be able to edit your video quickly enough, FlexClip offers you many useful tools. This online video editor is within everyone’s reach, as you just need to drag the content you want to the timeline or preview on the right to add it permanently.

Of course, you can also overlap all the various elements using the picture-in-picture function. Based on specific needs, the program allows you to adjust the size of the objects, move them, select them with the mouse and position them as you see fit. When you point to a single element, the software allows you to set the opacity, apply a filter, a special coloring, or add animations.

When you move to the timeline below, you can insert new scenes, i.e., video clips that are separated by a transition. The individual scenes, in turn, can be divided into several parts and adjusted according to their duration. By pressing the appropriate button, you also have the possibility to establish when to make a single element inside the scene appear, for example, a text.

How to best use FlexClip

Especially if you have never used FlexClip before, it is always preferable to start with a template. The reason is easy to guess. In this way, in fact, you can save a lot of time, as well as learn different tricks to customize your movie. Also, remember that a template proves to be a valid starting point for creating the opening theme of your video.

Another good tip is to arrange the reordering of the various clips that you intend to assemble together and then add the additional elements that seem right, such as text messages and music.

By following these instructions, you can assemble short preview clips of more complex and long video content that you can later post on social networks. Alternatively, you can make an engaging jingle. In the free version, in fact, loading long content can prove to be complex, but for videos that last no more than 15 minutes, you will not have any problems because FlexClip proves to be a valid video editor.

What you can do with FlexClip

In light of what has been explained, FlexClip allows you to carry out various operations without taking a lot of time. You can always trim and delete a clip first, which is important in order to make viewing smoother. Preview only, and adjust the length until you get the one that best fits social media specifications.

Thanks to FlexClip, you can insert background music, texts to support the understanding of the video, recordings of your voiceover (very useful in the case of tutorials and explanatory contents), and multimedia files to be searched quickly, even through keywords.

You also need the video merger to combine many clips together in a single film without the need for strong skills in the sector. What you need to do is just upload the elements, cut them, and merge them in an appropriate way to create a high-quality video.


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